Monday, January 19, 2009

Thailand Update

Pictures are coming soon...its tough on these different computers,
because either you have to import them on a cd or the card reader..
its just a bit more work.
Everytime I post from somewhere else, you can tell
because the margins are usually different and the type
seems to be darker for some reason.
Oh well...the message is what counts.

We just left Koh Tao (Turtle Island) and are now
on Koh Samui. Koh Tao is more of a snorkeling
island...the beaches are a bit lacking, and the price of fruit
there is twice as much as bangkok...maybe more.
Everything has to be shipped in. Even the coconuts!
They say that the local coconuts taste sour, but Im assuming
that they are just WILD coconuts and the tastebuds of the
locals have been twisted by cane sugar and coca cola.
Koh Samui is much cleaner, and the vibe seems to be
much nicer. Way more europeans WAY more.
Old white men with big bellies laying on the beach,
getting a rub down from small thai ladies. Paradise??
I have to tell you though, its tough to travel while being really conscious about
what you put into your body. In this insane world, you have to be
pretty extreme in order to avoid most of it.
Im spoiled I guess, or maybe I just demand non-toxic food.
Sea Salt is nowhere to be found, despite the fact
that they could be making it from the ocean every day.
On every table is iodized salt. Aargh...
The fruit is lacking BIG TIME.
Cambodia in January is light years ahead.
No durians, expensive and smaller coconuts,
no soursops...just mangos and mangosteens
to keep me satisfied. I really ask for so little...
just for some cool tropical fruits, some decent coconuts,
and a place to lay out and read. Its harder to come by than
one might think.
Ive got to be more grateful though. But still...
I just finished "Fruit Hunters" last night, and thats not helping.
Once youve had some, you start to wonder about others.
Mangosteen blew my mind last year, but now Im looking
for something more. Spoiled. Rambutans are just ok...I'm now Spoiled.
I am going to the front desk of the hotel tomorrow
to see if there are any fruit tree farms on the island.
Ive come to realize that Im basically a fruit tourist.
What Im REALLY looking forward to is Bali.
The town of Ubud has an organic market every saturday!
And our friend Leah from D.C. said that its durian season
down there too. Its sad to realize how excited I am about
this. This is what it boils down to. Traveling across the globe
to eat fruit. Sad or wonderful? Depends on the perspective.
Nevertheless...its a good dip into the heart of the country,
and Im hoping to score some really nice goodies there.
Im also making it a point to meet with these people in Bali.
Big Tree Farms in Bali, Indonesia.
They are doing what anyone interested in permaculture
and living in a "developing" country should be doing.
Here is a great video from him on youtube.
And check out this page here for even more great info.
I am VERY excited to go here...when you see the site you will
understand what Im talking about.
Please watch this...and let it inspire you as much as it did for me.
Pictures manana!!!!