Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gloomy snowy Berlin...and breakthroughs.

Please excuse any typos. Im on this German keyboard, and their are some
differences. Im on the clock I get a bit rushed trying to do emails and this at the same time.

So...its cold here. The guesthouse host in Amsterdam told us to bring a bottle of
gin with us to get through the cold of Berlin. Its really not THAT cold, but its snowing and
windy. We went out to eat, but its usually dissapointing, so we just made food at home.

We found this BIO (Organic) market nearby, and realized that they have heaps of Biodynamic products...look out for these in the future. I had apples, spinach, onions, and even that grain-fig coffee substitute (like teechino...but 100 times better) with some nice little vegan cookies.

They have always called Cacao ``Kakao`` here too. I thought that Cacao was a term recently brought back into the general vocab in the states, but in Germany its always seemed to be that way.

The biodynamic stuff was AMAZING. Ive never had an apple (apfel) like that in my life.

So as some of you may have pieced together, I am NOT 100% right now. Was a bit bummed at first, but its been fun, and because I was eating heavier raw foods lately, and I am still eating loads of greens, I dont feel all that different.

When I went raw, I somehow stumbled onto a green smoothie diet that lead me to eating about 2lbs of kale a day, with about 4-5 apples and pears. After two weeks of bathroom drama and painfully spooning down those nasty chunky smoothies...I had the breakthrough that sold me on raw forever. So I naively assumed that it was because I was raw, not because i was raw with LOW fat and HIGH greens. Fruit was an afterthought.

Im not sure if most raw people have even felt this raw high. I honestly would never have devoted so much time and energy into introducing others to it if I wouldnt have felt that way in the beginning.

Anyways...keep experimenting with your own diet. We are all different and will react in our own way. But we have lots of time to play around and see what works, so dont beat yourself up if you eat some cooked stuff...PLEASE. No guilt. Add in more greens to balance it out and get on with it. (LIFE).

Peace everyone...more to come. Sorry for typos...