Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hiding Out.

I suppose we all need some quiet time.
Seriously though, I wish I could somehow blog
without sitting down to the computer each time.

I get into these modes where I don't even want to get
online....I spend all day working on the greenhouse,
and then come in and hang out with my family.

When I should be going online at night, I'm usually
watching a movie or hanging out still.

No biggie though...everyone has been busy with the holidays...
Or hopefully they haven't been to consuming.

My parents did away with holiday gift exchange about ten
years ago, and the xmas spirit has been dwindling down
to practically nothing ever since.

I don't really mind it though, because we still hang out
and have a good time, but we are NOT stressed at ALL about
getting gifts and making sure everything is perfect.
There is so much hassle put towards buying gifts
and making everything "just right" that the real
meaning is almost always lost.

We shouldnt need a date on the calendar to be able
to get together and give each other gifts once in a while.
My dad always said that he doesn't want to feel that he
MUST get us a gift on December 25th...otherwise he is a bad dad
or some junk nonsense like that. I always admired him for
his progressive thinking about that.

This post is just to get me back into the groove.
Im loading pics tonight and we will be getting some
videos up soon. Little steps...


Oh...if you are ever in Europe, please visit Prague. :)