Thursday, November 20, 2008

Skinny in London...and soaking seeds

(The ATROCIOUS English Breakfast)
(not my know I wouldnt order this one...)

I've had some realizations lately while Ive been here.

As I go about my day on castings and appointments,
I'm always walking (usually running) and taking public
transportation throughout the city.

I've noticed that despite people eating
absolute trash here on a daily basis,
most people I see walking about are fairly fit.

They might have bad skin and their insides
are very likely not the best, but as far as weight goes,
they are relatively thin.

Of course if we all stipped down to our undies,
the story might sound a bit different, but you get the idea.

And we wonder why clothing is so compulsory...
most people don't look that great without it.

Back to the thoughts...
Why were they still relatively fit,
despite eating cooked crap 3+ times a day?

ACTIVITY. They are constantly walking.
Walking up stairs, walking to work and the tube station.

How often do Americans WALK?
We wake up, walk to the breakfast table.
Walk to our CARS...*hint hint*
Walk from our car to our office desk,
where we sit all day, and then do it in reverse.

The brits are likely burning at least 500-1000
calories more per day by not using cars on a regular basis.
Plus, Ive been looking at labels on the back of food products
here, and there is FAR less bad stuff contained within them.

Most ingredients are actual FOOD items...not crazy
chemical compounds and modified oils and starches.
This could be another factor for sure.

Raw fined tuned my look, but I had the discipline
to be active everyday. Whenever I went home
to Minnesota after living in NY, I could feel my
knees getting stiffer because I wasnt walking like before.

If you are struggling with weight issues,
don't forget that moving around will help your cause
FAR quicker than just switching to raw food alone.

Jog in place in front of the TV,
listen to an audiobook and go for a powerwalk,
do sit-ups in your bed 2-3 times a week.

Consistency is king...persistence will make the difference.

Just a thought...keep it active.
And eat those greens!

Oh! One more thing...I just listened to a great
interview of Jameth Sheridan by Kevin Gianni,
and he said that eating UNSPROUTED nuts and seeds
arent even enzyme neutral, but enzyme NEGATIVE.

Enzyme inhibitors are found in seeds to keep them
dormant until enough moisture is present to wake them up.
By eating unsoaked and unsprouted seeds, we are really
doing ourselves a huge disfavor. Ive been doing this
with pumpkinseeds here, and I can really tell that I dont
feel as good. Im ready to give up seeds and nuts altogether
and just go with avocados, olives, and the occasional coconut.

Think about it. Soak those seeds or don't even bother.