Sunday, November 16, 2008

My friend Charles (who recently liberated himself from an unfulfilling job)
sent me this video via facebook. I watched it this morning, and it really hit home.
Its a little long, but very worthwhile.
There are some moving stories about him protecting whales,
and it seems that we could all learn something from it.
By the way...if I were ever offered a job that had fur coats,
instead of turning it down and giving the work to someone else,
I would do the job, and then donate 100% to
They mean business, and they are involved in DIRECT ACTION.
Its not about signing petitions or protesting, its about direct action.
I feel so impotent when I watch things like this...just sitting in the apartment.
Look into yourself and ask yourself:
"Am I meant for more than...THIS?"
You are. We are. SO much more.
Hope you check the vid...its not all doom and gloom.
Its about empowerment and a change of perspective.
A key idea he mentioned was that according to our society
and the media it represents, its totally honorable to
risk your life to protect oil supplies of corporations,
but if you risk your life to protect precious animals like
whales and seals, you are a crazy eco-nut.
Think about that.