Friday, November 14, 2008

Busy busy...

First off...

I can't tell everyone enough how
great I feel when I read all the positive
comments lately. Just great...thank you everyone!

London is actually great.
This city can be expensive to
newcomers, but if you get the ins and outs,
you'll find that its sometimes cheaper than the states.

Ive been eating about 3 persimmons a day.
They are called "Kaki fruits" over here, and
I get 3 every morning from a guy on the corner
for $1.5o US. WOW. I bought ONE in NY for $2.50
before I left. And avocados are cheaper too!

Another is already added to the price on
the menu, and tipping is only 10% max, so if you
go out and compare prices, youll be surprised to
learn that its possibly cheaper to eat out in London
than in the states. We went to VitaOrganic today,
and its pretty good. We just did the lunch salad bar,
and finally a nice green juice.
Tesco has great stuff too. I have to get pics going.

There is so much more charm here too,
and people are very proper and civilized.
Hopefully its not just because there is
CCTV (surveillence cameras) EVERYWHERE.

I had all these plans to travel next week,
and now we might have to put them on hold
because there are alot of possible jobs coming.
Its just the way it cant really plan.

Anyways...Ive got to run...but a huge
thanks for everyone sticking with me on this.

I will likely speak sometime in Paris
and hopefully London too...its just a matter of finding the place.
We should just get together in the park and talk,
no need to buy food or anything. Maybe a big
potluck in one of the parks here.

Ok...big hugs and have a great weekend everyone.