Monday, November 10, 2008


No pictures...soon Im sure.
Landed in London earlier today, and I have to say its a relief to finally be here
without the stigma of politics...THANK YOU BARACK!
We just loaded up on FRESH Incan Berries...i.e. Physalis.
Look this up. David Wolfe said he discovered these a while back
and didnt know what they were so he called them incan berries.
Most people here in the UK know that they are called Physalis though,
and are related to tomatillos...and are just as easy to grow.
Hey everyone...dont be afraid to grow your own superfood.
Those tomatillos exploded all over my garden this summer,
and I can't see these being any different.
More posts to come...its going to be busy, but you know how it goes.
And the dome is all winterized should see it!
I really hope I can keep it above 30 degrees F in there...we'll see.
Incan Berries...seriously...grow your own!