Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Bees are Back?

(My friend Mil's backyard bee setup in Northern California...PARADISE!)

Onto the post...

This is strange.
My dad called me the other day,
and told me that after looking in our really
good hive, he saw NO bees, but it was totally
loaded with some amazing honey.

Good news, and bad news...

I was bummed...why would they leave
all their food right before winter?

What the hell is going on here?

I called up my uncle who has a hive,
and he says that its happened to him too.
Tons of great honey, but no bees.

My dad didnt hear anything...
didnt see anything..he thought they were all gone.
So he brought the whole hive down
to their garage so he could start to
take the honey out of the combs.

But today...he just called me and said that
there are honeybees all over the hive.
The hive is sitting outside his shop
in the sun...its nice and warm there.
Much warmer than the day he
believed that they were gone.

They were there the whole time.
In the bottom chamber...immobile because
of the cold temperature.

Our hive survived! This is such great news!
Now we have to share the honey with them,
but that is not even an issue...we're really
happy that they made it all season.

Im going to take care of 3 hives next year.
We want to build some custom hives
and really set them up for success.
You can get well over 200lbs of honey
from every hive...DO THE MATH!!!! would have to have about
4 levels in your hive, maybe even 5.
but trust me...the bees will fill it if they
have the opportunity to do so.

I really think I would be so happy just raising
bees and growing amazing plants,
then traveling in the wintertime.
Life doesn't have to be a struggle.
We don't have to earn six figures to live
comfortably...we should be smarter than that by now!

I figure a person could make about $2000
off of each hive, so if one were so inclined,
they could build up their colonies to about 10,
and be able to fund all their winter travels
while the bees are resting.

$20,000 from honey and pollen, and maybe
more from fruits and veggies...
I've learned to be happy with less,
so those numbers, which might seem low,
are actually do-able if you don't have to pay for
Might seem ideal...but possible? We'll see.

Strange right...a model begging you to stop buying new clothes.
Embrace the dichotomy.

This morning I blended...
One Vanilla Bean,
2 scoops of SunWarrior Protein,
2 tbls of Greener Grasses,
1 tbls of Fruits of the Earth,
1/2 lb of blueberries,
1 large aloe leaf
Filtered Water...

And it was....

All great products in there,
but not a good combo on my part.
I had to plug my nose to drink it.
I've gotta get some of that clean Minnesota honey!

Leaving NYC tmrw!
(Im dancing a jig in front of the laptop now...)

Earthmother won the last contest!
Healthforce stuff and extra goodies!
Thanks Earthmother for your participation!

One more cartoon for everyone...