Friday, October 24, 2008


Yes, I know...really long time, right?

Things have been crazy busy.

Im sure life has gone on without the rawmodel blog,
but I have to at least explain the absence,
and offer a few pics of what I've been up to.

Ups and downs...

Built the dome greenhouse, FROM SCRATCH.
I cut every damn board, and put the whole thing together.
It took so long. Seriously...those 5 guys on the instructional
video just breezed right through misleading.

It took me at least 2 weeks, from start to finish.
There was an option to have the wood pre-cut and drilled,
but it was an extra $1000...and since my dad had the tools,
I thought I was in a good position to take advantage.

I wish I would have just bit the bullet and ordered the wood.
It was totally fulfilling to do it myself, but jeez...LONG TIME.

Here are some pics.

Me sitting on top of the dome taking a pic of
deck and the garden.

This amazing passionflower will soon become a passionfruit!
This is growing inside the greenhouse :)

The cedar hot tub will go in this hole
(shoveled by yours truly...) and will warm up
the soil and the air during the winter.

I cant wait to sit in there this winter and eat guavas!!!

My dad working on the walls...THANKS DAD!

My anonymous sister and I weeding...
I was weeding AND eating...oat grass is so good,
and I found a random daikon radish. Who knew?

Some avocado trees...the insulation is on the north side
of the some to keep the heat in...I'll have to prune those
avocados to keep them around 10 feet...but it WILL work.

Cool right?

Garden was CHARGING too...SO many tomatoes still...BUT
many of the got cut off because the temp was dropping under 50F.
They just stayed ripening.
I got started too late this spring...all my tomatoes
were about a month behind, but next year Ill start
early and extend the season by covering them at night
so that we'll get the most out of each plant.

I sat on the deck with my sister eating an heirloom watermelon
from the garden and it was the greatest feeling!
Seriously...this way of life really has something to it.

There were some downers though.
I feel like I got way overcharged on the deck,
and I did sadly lose a hive of bees.
It was always a slower hive,
and we checked it out one day
and there was nothing inside but a mouse nest.

Don't ask if it was Colony Collapse Disorder...
I really don't know, and I really dont even want to know.
It was always a weak hive, so maybe it just didnt
make it through the season.

Gotta stay positive though.

I finished reading "Four Season Harvest"
and I BEG of all of you to get it, however possible.
It is a jewel of a book, and really opens up
your eyes to growing your own magically fresh
No imported salad in January!
How about a bowl brimming with
fresh arugula, mache, and kale?

You'll see...its a wonderful read.

Hopefully someone is still reading!

You are DIVINE,
Everyone around you is equally DIVINE,
and by growing your own food
you unlock the key to your true potential,
both spiritually, mentally, and physically.

We are Blessed...