Monday, October 27, 2008

Red Corn...ALIVE.

In the palm of your

That cartoonish looking green thing is actually the base
of a still-ripening yellow pepper that I had to pick
before it froze solid. Ripen little guy!!!!

Onto the post...
I was at the Union Sq Farmer's Mkt the other day,
and I saw that they were selling "Indian Corn"
(which means non-GMO, heirloom...and non-hybridized
...also known as REAL CORN).

They were selling it as decorations ironically enough,
but I wondered if I could buy an ear or two
and germinate the seeds for next year. Obviously, it worked.
The guy I bought it from didn't even know if it would work.

If you buy a packet of good blue or red corn seeds,
usually you get about 20, for $3.00

Here, I probably have about 500 seeds for $1.00

I can't wait to grow it next year, and make
raw corn chips and tortillas out of red
and blue corn. Think about the anti-oxidants!!!

As you know, if you are eating lots of reds and blues
in your diet, you can get in more nutrients than just
greens and oranges and yellows.
Think about the rainbow for complete nutrition.
How about this...eating nothing but foods
that are blue, red and purple for a week?
Could be something fun to try.
Oh, by the way, Blue Razzberry Popsicles
probably don't fit into the regimen. should be able to find the same corn
around your neck of the woods right now.
I have no idea how it tastes fresh, but I think
with tortillas and chips it should be equal if not better.

Happy hunting...oh yes, and if you hang it in a dry place
until March or April, you'll be all set for spring planting.

***Note to Everyone***

if by chance you sent me an email and I didnt respond,
don't hold it against me. Things have been really busy
lately and I urge you to re-send and I will get to it.
Im not a jerk, just busy with moving.

AND...I will respond to comments later on today.