Thursday, September 18, 2008


I dont know how many of you check
out my youtube page, but one of my
favorite channels was that of Teabowbraine's.
The videos offered were critical of some government
policies and our unsustainable way of life.

Youtube found those videos threatening,
and shut the channel down.
Youtube doesn't want us to be
free of mental slavery.

Luckily, a video was saved and reposted
by another user. Here it is below.

The corporations and governments need us
to be ignorant so we continue to support
their culture of death with our taxes, labor,
consumer dollars...without those, they are powerless.

I am just so ready to drop out of all of this.
I'm actually scared that by speaking out,
some of us might be targeted. I mean,
these videos encouraged no violence, they
simply were critical of government policies.

We simply must keep spreading the culture
of life and invest in sustainable lifestyles.
We have to keep spreading the knowledge
and tools of true liberation.

Now is the time...please, spread this.