Friday, September 19, 2008

Quick Sarah Palin Anti-Wolf Video

Now the last thing I want to get is political.
It's by being political that got our world into this mess.

By walking away from politics,
we can empower ourselves not to need
them or to rely on their watered-down
promises of "freedom" and social reform.

That is what self-sufficiency is all about.
Self-endowed independence.
Producing our own food, water, and energy.
Living a life in balance with nature (or close to it)
with a core group of family and friends.
For a fine (but somewhat rustic example in appearance)
check out this article HERE.

We have come to rely on the notion that
we need authorities to fix everything for us.
That they are our symbols of hope.

When it seems that in reality, they are the ones
tearing this world apart and forcing us to work
at jobs we don't love so we can buy stuff we've
been deceived into wanting.

You (we) are directly responsible for the reality
we create, and we must empower ourselves to live
that truth every day of our lives. When we finally
give the power back to ourselves, we can begin
to re-create the paradise that has been destroyed. that little tangent now...had to say it.

I just wanted to share this video I found,
perhaps you have already seen it.
Share it with friends and relatives that
have been tricked into thinking that Sarah Palin
is someone who is finally going to save them.
Although I doubt this would make much difference.

I always would vote for the environment.
If some politician is really pro-environment,
they seem to be very evolved on other issues too.
Strange how that works.
Seriously...look into it and see.
Those who are anti-environment are usually the
same monsters that seek to take our freedoms
and liberties away as well.

Here is the vid.