Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Culture of Life vs. The Culture of Death

(photo courtesy of the Office of Sarah Palin)

Governor Sarah Palin, pictured here above the
unarmed Alaskan Caribou she just shot with a high-
powered rifle. Observe...the culture of death?
Vote Obama...PLEASE. For the sake of the World.

For some reason, I thought that by Sunday
evening, the Raw Spirit Fest would have sputtered
out, and that if I left around 7pm I wouldnt have missed
anything. Like a proper New Yorker, I thought that
if I could get the red-eye flight back to NYC on Sunday
night, I could be back in the city on Monday morning,
ready for any castings or auditions.

Sunday night, I heard, was the best one.
Which I find hard to believe, because Saturday
night was so outrageous and amazing that
I couldn't imagine it being any better...

Anyways, I had to catch the shuttle back
to Phoenix at 7pm. The shuttle was just a minivan
and I was the only passenger on the way down.
Always being the conversationalist, I struck it up
with the driver. What followed blew my mind. gets a at this point.

I found out that the driver was an ex-Army Ranger.
One of the black-ops guys that get into really hairy situations.
He served in the first Gulf War and says that he still
wakes up in cold sweats about it frequently.

Upon learning that he was an Army Ranger,
I knew that he must have some serious survival skills.

I wanted to know about starting fires by rubbing
sticks together and building shelters in the desert,
and he starts telling me about
killing people with his bare hands.

I went from doing mediations with Gabriel Cousens
on Saturday night...envisioning myself as pure peace
and love...and then spreading that vibration across
the entire planet, to listening to G.I. Joe telling me
about murdering people without remorse.

The dichotomy could not be more drastic.

This guy was really into hunting too,
and he told me that after killing so many animals,
killing people doesn't feel very different.
(Note: This is HIS feeling...not necessarily the feelings
of all people that kill unarmed get the idea.)

I was living in the culture of life all weekend,
hugging strangers, dancing under the moonlight,
and eating live food free of dead animals.

Now, I had an inside look at the culture of death.
People that see violence as a solution.
People that eat dead food and eat murdered animals.
I know we are actually all one, but jeez....

It was truly bone-chilling. Never in my life
have I sat next to someone who claimed
to be a murderer. I was shocked.

He told me about soldiers cutting off
the genitals of Iraqi soldiers in 1991,
and what guns I should buy to protect my
permaculture project in Minnesota.
Thanks for the tips man...

As bringers of the light,
we must simply bring on positive solutions
instead of fighting the negativity.
Because if we fight the negativity, we BECOME IT.

They already win if we decide to fight them.
We must stop supporting their culture and put
our energy, time, and money into our communities
of LIFE. Immigrant communities around the world
have flourished because they have supported each
other and have built a tightly-woven economy for themselves.

We, as people who support peace and love for all creatures
should do the same. Buy products from companies that
you know are a part of the solution. Go to classes and workshops
held by individuals who are contributing to a peaceful world.

We vote with our money, our labor, and our time.
Spread the light and the darkness evaporates.

Strangely enough, I was happy that I was in that van.
We must experience what we are not to truly know
what we really are. I would have preferred to have
stayed in Sedona, but that ride somehow made it worthwhile.

Positive vibes are on the way...
a great video and update on my Grandma Aggie
is coming up very soon...stay tuned!