Friday, September 19, 2008

Food! RAW Food!

I honestly forget sometimes that this whole
site started because of raw food.

Being raw has become such an afterthought now...
something so habitual and ingrained in my life
that I've pretty much moved on to other projects.

However, I've got to stay true to the game.

Remember, by being able to make TASTY raw
food quickly and easily, we can stay on track
and keep energized for the things that really matter
in our lives. Too many recipes call for far too
many ingredients, and it just scares some away.

Pears should be in season now.
I like pears, but they are tricky...have them
before a heavy meal and you'll be ok. Have them
after and they are like apples...they will fester
in your stomach and could make for some discomfort.

I'm really into blending 1 part fruit with 1 part avocado.
This gives it creaminess, and mellows out the sugar,
allowing for a more steady absorption and longer-
lasting energy throughout the day.

So...1 part pear, 1 part Avocado.
I throw in some Vitamineral Green too,
because I just can't get enough of that stuff.

Add in some raisins or coconut shavings,
maybe some bee pollen or goji berries,
and all is well with the world again.

Enjoy! You want more food articles?
Let me know!!! I can do it, I promise.