Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A question from Marie

Here is a recent question I got via email...


I have been reading you blog for about four months now and I love it.
I started eating raw a little over 4 months ago and its the best
decision I have made, I feel great. I started at 100% right of the bat
and I dont regret it one bit...I havent had any cooked food since May 15th :)
Anyway, I emailing you because I want to plant carrots, kale, and
collard greens this weekend. I have a small concrete patio outside
so my boyfriend is gonna built me a box. We were thinking
about 3 1/2'' by 4''. We cant make it any larger but we might
be able to make it a little bit longer. I wanted to know if that is
enough space for me to grow those three vegetables and whether
I should by seeds or already grown ones (except for the carrots)?
Also, how deep do you think it has to be? Sorry for all the questions
but you are the only person I know that might have the answers.

The top part of three of my fingers on my right hand are constantly
dry sometimes it is so dry that it forms cuts (it started about
2 months ago with one finger and then a second one and finally 3).
I have been putting Nivea on them and that makes it better until it
dries up again. I drink plenty of fluids so I dont know what might be
creating the dryness. I went to the doctor and told me to put some
cream that would basically change my skin color so "no, thank you".
I really dont see how they expect people to use those kind of products.
Do you know of anything that I could put on it?
I have been drinking cucumber juice so that might help.
Thanks for your help,

Keep blogging...I keep forward to reading your blog everyday,


Hi Marie...thanks for the great questions.

The beauty of the sq foot garden (which is basically what youre doing)
is the complete adaptability it has to wherever you decide to grow.
I'm assuming by 3 1/2'' and 4'' you meant feet, which is perfect.

Mel, the author and genius of sq. foot gardening thought that 6 inches
was deep enough. If possible, I like to go a little deeper just in case.
Lots of boards are available that are 4 feet x 8 inches. This is good.

Equal parts of peat moss (or vermiculite if you like), compost,
and potting soil will get you started nicely. I like to add in extra
worm castings and some rock dust. All available online,
but you're better off getting the soil and compost locally
because its going to be HEAVY. Its worth the trouble though,
because you will be starting your garden with PERFECTION.
Thats what I love about this method, no matter where you live,
you can start out with the best growing medium available.

I dont know where you live, but there is still time to grow
those items, especially if you can cover them with a plastic
sheet during the very cold nights. If possible, get seedlings
that were started 3 weeks-1 month ago from someone
who cares about their plants. Many organic growers will
have extra seedlings started and would be happy to sell you some.

This gives you a great head start, and gets you right through
that tricky period early on in the growing stage.

You can even do arugula and spinach too...lots of options.

About your fingers...I'm no doctor, but if I had that issue
with my hands, Id be taking loads of MSM with my lemon-water
(about 4 tbls a day...for sure!) and rubbing cacao butter
on myself whenever possible. Maybe even coconut butter,
but I think cacao would be more therapeutic for some reason.
You could even mix in some msm with cacao butter and rub it
into your hands. Just an idea...I'm no doctor though ;)
(I didn't see the need to spend my 20's inside a classroom
in order to help people destroy their diseases and afflictions...
not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that).

I'm trying to think of what else you could do.
Your body is showing you signs of some distress.
Are you getting enough oils in your system?
Maybe wearing some gloves after applying the cacao butter?

MSM is in my opinion the key though,
but be sure that your diet is balanced
with the fats and oils. An avocado a day
can do wonders for skin and joints.

Here is a great little sunburger we made with
sprouts and avocado. Or just blend an avocado
with peaches or pears...1 to 1 ratio, youll love it.

I hope this helped...be sure to send some pics
of the garden when its up and running.