Monday, September 22, 2008

Central Park w/ Philip

Philip from was in town yesterday,
and called us to have lunch at Quintessence.

Everyone at our table had the Fofu Benedict...WOW.
By far the best brunch item I've had.
Dan...if you scrap that item from your menu,
you will have one (and many other) unhappy campers
to deal with...that dish is a GEM.

Philip wanted to hang out in Central Park later on
so we went up there and relaxed under a massive walnut was great. I laid right on the ground and gently
let the grass tickle my hands and arms.
It began to feel vividly kidding.
We're all just energy, right?

We wandered around after that and
found a great drum circle going on.
So much life...I have to admit
that it's my own fault I get negative about NY.
There is so much beauty to see, and sitting in an apartment
crabbing about it all won't make it any better.

Thanks Philip for getting me up to Central Park!
Its been awhile and I needed it!

Oh right...we went to Pure Take Away after
that and I picked up the Oreo Ice Cream.
Hmmm...I'll stick with the Almond Butter Cup!

Gotta run...have a great afternoon everyone!