Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Youtube Videos!!!

At last...

Upon reading this message, I had to act.

"Come Back Plz..."

i miss ur videos. i always learn so much from them.

Its 415 am, and Ive finally finished
editing the videos...doing it for the love!

Sometimes I slack off in one area or another.
This summer was more non-internet
oriented activities...but now that I'm
back in the city, the posts are flowing
and the here come the videos.

New videos are being made too!
Lots of food stuff for sure,
and the organic gardening vids
will be coming more and more after
I return to MN in a couple of weeks. is the first video in a long time.
Me and my dad...moving the hives so we
could start building the dome greenhouse.


Oh...quick question too.
Favorite type of videos?
Food? Plain Talking?
Wild Food Forging? Permaculture?

Let me know...