Thursday, September 25, 2008

As the World Burns

Just a page from the excellent book
"As the World Burns: 50 Things You Can Do to Stay in Denial"
by Derrick Jensen and illustrated by Stephanie McMillan.
Click on the pic for a better view.

"We have been too kind to those who
are destroying the planet. We have been
inexcusably, unforgivably, insanely kind."
-Derrick Jensen

I think the cartoon above will ring true
for many of us...a good look in the mirror.
Just having positive thoughts and not
acting is totally impotent. We have to start stepping
outside of our comfort zones and making
real change. And that change does NOT
come from Green consumerism. SORRY!

All the while, more species go extinct,
more forests fall, more garbage piles up,
and more rivers dry up because the golf courses
need watering. Did you know that in the United States,
golf courses consume as much water as humans?

We need a complete restructuring of our lives,
and we are smart enough to make it enjoyable
and effective at the same time.

There have been massive mistakes made
in the past in the name of greed, and
its about time we admit it and move on
to the real solutions.

Sitting around mediating and being in the moment
and putting out good vibrations is a joke as far
as making a difference environmentally.
These things may help your personal life,
but if you dream of a new Earth...
manifestation requires serious action...NOW.
Those yogis sitting in their caves in the Himalayas
need to come down here and start doing something.

Check out the book HERE. You'll LOVE it.

"Dismantle Globally
Renew Locally."
-Derrick Jensen