Friday, September 26, 2008

Amazing Grace

I've really been reading a bunch of new stuff lately,
and this one is an essential piece of work. Seriously.

Here is the link from
...its on sale.
Just GET IT!!! really. Its that good.

I had two castings yesterday, and for both I had
to sit around for about 90 minutes, so I was able
to get most of this book read in one day.

While other models were pacing around the room,
impatiently grumbling about the wait,
I was reading one of the best books of my life.

And the craziest synchronicity happened while doing this.
There is a part in this book about Muhammad Ali.
The casting agency that I was sitting in was filled
with little figurines of old G.I. Joes and superheroes, and
also old comic posters. Right when I finished reading
the section about Muhammad Ali, I looked up and not more
than 4 feet away from me was a figurine of...Muhammad Ali.
I had the craziest chills run down my spine.
I closed my eyes, smiled, and said THANK YOU.
Look for those signs. They are clues that point
you in the right direction. Follow them.

I'm going to rent "Ali" soon to see if there is something
in there that I can absorb. I'm sure there will be.

I could have sat in that casting room listening to music
or blankly stared at the wall, cursing my bad fortune
because of the excessive wait, but instead, I chose
to improve my life by reading something truly inspirational.

This book might be a bit far out for some, but approach
it with the open mind that I know we all have,
and it can really do wonders for your reality.

I hope you pick it up!!! HERE is the link.
Amazon ships free if you spend
over $25...get The Sq Foot Gardening Book or
Four-Season Harvest or
Something from Derrick Jensen to get to $25. more thought.
I really have to send my thanks out to David Wolfe.
Some have said that he is becoming to full of himself,
but as far as I'm concerned that has to do with their
own issues...David is attempting to bring us to
superhero level and I'm really hopeful that this book
is widely read by all...raw or not. It doesn't matter.

Superheroes improve their mind,
others waste their time.