Sunday, September 28, 2008

DC Roundup

Lots of Happy Glowing Raw Foodies..

The weather was kind...
it rained as we were driving down
and immeadiately as the event was wrapping up.
But during the entire get-together,
it was really pleasant and everyone had a
really good time. HUGE thanks to DJ
of Java Green for hosting the event
and for being a shining example of humanity.

DJ is a cut above...his story of perseverance
and overcoming adversity should be a
book or a documentary...truly living the dream.

I knock many policies of the US government,
and I'm not stingy with the social critique of the
American way of life, but where else could
a young man from Korea who spoke NO
English, come to the USA and in less than 15 years,
own and operate an award-winning restaurant?

Such a great guy...he had us as guests at his home
after the event and served us even MORE food (YEESH!)
and lots of liitle goodies...his kombucha coconut beverage
is a tasty and original treat for sure.

We all toasted to friends and community...
happiness and health.

Sure beats beer!

Also...huge thanks to Philip for driving!
We couldn't have made it without you brother!

Side note:
Anyone see the article I wrote on WLIR yesterday?
I need to keep this message strong...
I went so crazy early on in my raw journey
because I was so locked into the 100% mindframe
too early...I wasnt ready for it, despite all the
awesome facts and logic that convinced me.

We've gotta have fun and be happy.
Wherever we are on our path, is EXACTLY
where we are supposed to be.
No guilt.

Check out the article HERE.

Peace everyone...