Thursday, March 6, 2008


Food is such a huge part of nearly everyone's life.
And when you go raw, it just becomes so blatantly obvious
because it stands out so much from the crowd.

When starting out, its easy to get VERY preoccupied
with recipes and learning everything about
WHY we are all eating living food instead of dead food.

Early on for me...I really attached my identity
with the fact that I was RAW.

I think it was some kind of ego trip...
I just had to attach my "self" with this
new thing in my life...which was raw food.

It was so life-changing for me, and I felt
so different...inside and out, that I couldnt
help but let it take over my life.

Thankfully though, I learned to let it go.
My diet and lifestyle became even more clean,
but it wasnt a big deal at all anymore.

I could again hang out with my friends that were
eating traditional foods and not judge them
or be tempted. I could focus on projects and other aspects
of my life instead of what I was going to make next.
We have to realize that we are not HOW we eat.
It is not who we are.

Sure..the food we eat does build our future cells,
but it shouldnt be the cornerstone of how we identify ourselves.
Getting past that roadblock but still staying raw is when
you enter the true comfort zone...where you just cruise
your way to optimal and super-vibrant health.

Remember your old hobbies...what were they again?
Books, movies, chatting with old friends..writing.
Maybe journaling would be a good thing.

Maybe no one else is going through this,
but I know that I sure did. RAW was who I was.
When you are the only one you know doing something,
I suppose its easier to identify yourself by that trait.

We are MORE...MUCH MORE than what we eat.
We are divine spirits occupying a temporary human parking space...
(or at least I'd like to believe that's the case...)

Let us be free from all cages...gender, race, age, AND eating habits.




Anonymous said...

I appreciate your openness and honesty. I remember you saying in one of your videos that you had some food addiction issues. I have had addictions to food for many years. I was fortunate to be exposed to different cultures and that brought upon a fondness for food.

My mother is a successful caterer and growing up she'd cook us a homemade dinner every night. I'd go to parties as a child and the host would push, "EAT some more, eat some more!' "Are you sure you are full?" And this was when I was stuffed! I have never been a drinker or a smoker or a recreational drug user. The only thing that I've been addicted to is food.

I'm glad I discovered raw foods. In the past three months I have had some lapses but every time I eat cooked food I learn something about how crappy I feel afterwards. WHen I eat raw fruits and vegatables, I have energy and feel more connected to the universe.

The more a person eats raw food the more their craving for cooked food goes away. In Gloria Botenkos book she mentions that greens help to combat cravings for cooked food.

I think it is imperative for parents to teach their children how to eat right. It would save the children so much heartache later on. Any kind of habit good or bad begins at an early age. I think there are scientific studies that can back this up.


Michelle J said...

My friend,
It's like your talking directly to me!!! :O)

Laura Reaux said...

I'm just now looking into trying to eat raw for a week (see, and I really liked this post. I can see how it would take over a little when you're first starting out on it. Thanks, and if you have any tips on where to start eating raw... email me! :)

Bella said...

So true!


Bella said...

So true!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree! I am struggling right now to up my raw and not be obsesso about it! I need to put more time into my other pursuits as well.


raw by default said...

"When you are the only one you know doing something,
I suppose its easier to identify yourself by that trait."

I've found that to be true. It's sometimes convenient for others to identify you that way, too... even if it's not in such a positive light. Despite some folks telling me I need to eat more cooked food, I'm finding that my screen name is even more appropriate than before. It's like my body has found the default setting with regards to food and how food makes me feel physically. I'm still ironing out the bugs, but it's coming along.

kate said...

Consume raw - don't let it consume you... i guess...

wyldegirl said...

okay, i'm dancing around all giddy because someone has put into writing exactly what is going through my head. . . word. for. word.
i don't know how you do it, reach inside and be so synchronized. . . it's one of the coolest things to know at least one other person feels the same and went through such a similar journey of thoughts and behaviour. . . and path to a current state.

thanks for sharing and making me grin at the synchronicities that abound!!
x jenny

Dominic said...

i'm a fan of your blog. keep writing and sharing your experiences! i'm just over 2 months 95% raw and it's been a godsend in my life. thanks for sharing your inspirational story. best to you, dominic in L.A.

yardsnacker said...

Power to the people.

Anonymous said...

i whole heartedly agree.

maria said...

I agree completely. It's easy to get caught up in it all. The whole point of a raw lifestyle is to feel good, healthy and happy. It's counterproductive to feel guilty or judgemental about eating a bowl of steamed broccoli. I think everyone eventually figures out what works best for them and the important thing is to enjoy the process and feel good.

H said...

I discovered your blog two days ago. All I can say is that you're right on. I'm 20, and blessed to have been raised by parents with the sense to know how bad the "food" that the FDA approves is. I was raised completely vegetarian, never had anything other than whole grains; never eaten a cooked vegtetable or fruit in my life, and no refined sugars either. Also, I've never been to a doctor (delivered by a midwife) or received shots ever. My parents stayed completely away from the American Medical Association and all of that mess. I'm just now learning about the benefits of a completely raw diet, and have been almost completely raw for a week so far. Thank you so much for your blog! So many things you mentioned are things that I've been taught my whole life that I needed to be reminded of! (Live in the now, ego is the cause of all evil, and so much more that you mentioned.) I just finished reading your blog from start to finish, and it's really interesting to see the progression in your mentality. I really enjoyed everything in your blog, so once again, thank you!! You've convinced me to continue eating all raw; I am so inspired by you. And it's nice to read a blog by someone with many of the same beliefs as me. I normally keep my views to myself, because I have a hard time explaining what I know. You do an excellent job at expressing the truth (you're right on about the government, as well). Keep up the great job!

Anonymous said...

Those bell shaped flowers are poisonous, just letting people know!

Anthony , you are refreshing just like a green smoothie, Every post you make is full amazing knowledge. Keep it up!