Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sounds like a lot of work...?

In the last post, I talked about recreating paradise on Earth.

Not accepting the fact that we are stuck in this very
real world of purgatory...not quite hell but definitely not heaven.

Teniel...a reader of the post, commented that:

"It sounds like a lot of WORK...Creating Paradise, that is."

Really?? Sounds more like a lot of FUN to me.


Planting countless fruit trees with lovers and new friends...

Working in the garden and learning a new language with your child...

Not having to work anymore because there are no more bills to pay...

Making and eating every meal with your loved ones...

Spending countless hours again back in nature and realizing that you are divine...

Yeah...sounds like a big ol' hassle.

I accept this "challenge", in fact I dream about it every day.

I am going a bit crazy these days because I am so ready to start
on my permaculture project. When you are simply have to do what
your soul is telling you to do. You can't escape it, and as long
as you try...happiness will evade you.

A change of perception is a MIRACLE.

If you believe that life is a struggle, and not a gift,
that will be your reality.

If you believe that washing dishes or cleaning your home
is a pain in the ass...then guess what. It will be.

But if you put on some music and be in the moment while
you do tasks like this...and approach it with peace and joy,
then the idea that it is work will simply dissolve.

Changing the world back into Eden will be nothing but fun.
That is really the only way that it will ever happen.

The reason why it hasnt happened yet is because
that everyone believes that it IS a lot of work. Not fun.
So as we it is.

Approach EVERYTHING with love and joy.
The joy of a child experiencing something new.
The joy of a teenager in love for the first time.
Life CAN be like this.

We are a community...whether online or not.
Ideas spread, hopes arise, and fears disintegrate.

Plant trees, smile, and spread more joy. Its up to you!

If anyone is interested in are her recommendations for planting new seeds.
When I read this, it instantly made sense...there is so much information in a seed.

I just finished book 3 and am SO ready for book 4.
Anyone out there started reading these books yet?

Only the best!!!



Stacey said...

i agree about the perecption change as being of miraculous capabilities. the universe is so abundant with love and happiness-we must ask ourselves: how much love our we going to allow into our lives? happy to see that you are basking in it anthony! so many blessings to you on your permaculture venture-that is so fantastic!
also, i might add, that meditation has been key for my awakening and happiness. i have found the garden of eden to be within me, my third eye, specifically :)

Tanja said...

Yes! I love the Anastasia series :-) I've recently finished book 8 and it litteraly made me cry, it was so emotional.. The stories being told in these books are so beautiful you cannot help but be inspired. While I don't agree with every single idea being put forth by Vladimir/Anastasia I do think most of them make a lot of sense and are so true in nature that you instantly feel this is how it should be, you know?

Anyway great post and good luck with your permaculture project, looking forward to hearing more about it:)

Take care

BreeWee said...

Every time I visit your blog I see that photo of you at top and it looks likes Jesus to me.... maybe because you are so healthy and pure like him.
Anyways, I read your blog often as I am undergoing major new eating habits... I am so encouraged by you. Just a question- is this diet you eat the vegan diet? Any good recipes for a sports nutrition drink (I am getting ready for Ironman Japan). Thanks for your time!

Bella said...

I'm quite interested in and curious about the content of the Anastasia series, but I CAN NOT get my head around how bad the cover art is. They are literally the homeliest books I've ever seen. And I read a lot of books and admire a lot of book covers.

Damn. I might have to do that old school trick of wrapping them in brown paper so that I can manage to get inside.

Miss P said...

Hi Anthony,

I love catching up on your blog - it is always such a glorious read, grounded in a beautiful open heart space.

Regarding bee keeping - have you seen this link:

You may already know of it, but it looks comprehensive, and they have a forum.

Keep shining, and holding the vision.


Sanne said...

I have to read the Anastasia series, just have to finish 2 other books first. Have you read anything by Maurice Mességué?

He's very inspiring, most of his books have been in my family since the 70's, so I've been luck to grow up with his words and advice.

I love the idea of your yurt, I myself is planning a hybrid home in the very near future (maybe even this summer).

Sanne... ;o)

Devon said...

Choose the Glea, Anthony. Ascension + Access.


Hanlie said...

I've been coming across mentions of the Anastasia books all over the internet. Thanks for the link - this is definitely a website that I'm going to spend some time exploring, and hopefully I'll be able to buy the books locally (I'm in South Africa).

It's amazing how the Universe is guiding me towards my dream. This video you posted is another example. My husband, who is in the fast food industry, is starting to get excited about my dream too, and we are hoping to find a way of earning an income on-line, so that we can move to the country and grow our own organic food, reclaim our health (I'm currently Juice Feasting) and live close to the the earth. I loved this video. Thank you for posting it.

Slowly but surely we are shedding the trappings of our toxic world...

Alexandra said...

It is such fun....we are so lucky to be here right now remembering and basking in joyous expansion...I spent the day yesterday with Abraham - Hicks and it acted as a great reminder of all the things that you are talking about in your post. Just received the whole Anastasia set this 32 of book one "Who are They?" ....loving every moment.

~"And the life was the light of men"

Michelle J said...

Yep, i'm reading the Anastasia series of books! Only on book 1 though so your a bit ahead. Great stuff and i look forward to getting on to book 2 probably tomorrow!

Call me, text me let me know about this week!

raw-a-licious-sistas said...

lo seinto senior.....
i did not say i didn't LIKE work....i happen to enjoy a certian point....sry agian.....

Ankit said...

i'm loving the optimism. the last week or so, i've been redoing my room, and as much of a hassle as it is, i've been approaching it exactly as you described -- turned up the music and smiled. it's really just made me look at everything in such a positive light.

you're flying high, anthony. keep it up.

wyldegirl said...

all of the described "work" is pretty much the most fun way to spend time that i can think of. . .i feel pretty lucky that I grew up doing this "work". . . and I hope to someday continue it with my own family (if i go that route). . . they're the sort of days that make you jump out of bed, smiling and stretching, eager to begin every single precious moment. . . and slide into a golden tinged sleep at night content and warm. . . full of gratitude, a deep joy that is without words, and the sweet promise of every moment being just as beautiful.

sounds rather utopian huh?? well the thing is- utopia isn't something to strive for, it's right here and right now- within each of us and not something to search out or work towards. . . THAT would truly be work without purpose. Instead let's find it inside and hell to the yeah (by the way) about the Anastasia books. . . I'm loving them.

see you soon, xx as always. . . Jenny

Alexandra said...

this is probably one of my favorite of your posts...I used your point of creating our own Eden in dinner conversation tonight...and my very beautiful and intelligent mum stated, "oh raw model was saying the same thing in his blog"...almost finished the first Anastasia...will be dreaming about ranches...farms...pottery wheels...p.s. you would love our dinner conversations ;)