Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back to NY...Almost

Here are a few teaser pics from the Sabah (Borneo, Malaysia) trip.

S-A-B-A-H is where its at.

If I were a raw foodist, this would be the place if I were heading to SE Asia.
(As far as I've seen up to this point)

I've never been in a rainforest habitat like this...the smell is unreal. That fresh air changed my brain chemistry, I could feel it.

Beautiful flora and fauna...this guy was sitting around waiting for lunch to fly by.

And yes....although the Durian Merah (Durian Red) wasnt in season anymore,
we had the chance to eat wild jungle durians and one other variety.

On top of that, many new fruits were discovered, one being a total superstar.

I bought a good hard drive camcorder as well, so we made good videos as we went along.

Ill post in detail when I get back to NY...which isnt going to be quite as soon as I thought because I just found out that Im shooting a job with Kohl's Department Store in LA on Tuesday. So when I land at JFK at noon on Monday, (I leave for the HK airport in 90 min) I have to sit and wait for three hours, THEN fly over to LA and shoot the job.

Im going to miss the Gabriel Cousens Event in NY which Ive been planning to attend for 2 months, so Im pretty bummed about that. But I cant turn work down. Especially since this spring is my time to work and save up for the summer project.

Maybe I can head up to Santa Monica and visit Juliano's! That would be a great alternative actually. Its going to be a hectic 48 hours, but it will be great.

TONS more to come..seriously, Borneo is the place. WILD jungle fruit everywhere and absolutely beautiful landscapes. Highly recommended.

Ive got a 16 hour flight ahead of me...ouch.



Anonymous said...

Ahh I LOVE Juliano's. I've been meaning to head back there, I've only been once :)

Have a great time in LA! The weather is fab right now, 80 degrees and sunny!

Bella said...


Hooray!! I've been refreshing your page the last couple of days and waiting for the Borneo update. The landscape/skyscape is gorgeous! I can't wait for more... Have a great time in L.A.


goingRAWr! said...

ant! sabah sounds like heaven.. and it's pathetic that i'm malaysian and haven't been there. on the list, mate.
hope the shoot goes well, you crazy jetsetter.. am now starting to plan a half raw restaurant in kl!! it would be crazy if it actually took off, because malaysians are into their meat hardcore..
can't wait to read about your adventures in borneo.
rock it!
:) m

raw by default said...

Can't wait to see more pics of Borneo!