Wednesday, January 9, 2008

High Quality Vids on the Way

The Sun is Setting on Crappy Video Quality...

Since I'm going to Borneo tomorrow, I thought I should get with it and buy a decent camcorder. I want to do a good amount of filming there, and Im sick of putting out half-assed grainy videos. I want the youtube stuff to look way better.

I need to get one for this summer anyways, so I might as well do it here where the prices are lower and there is no sales tax. And also, they always through in sweet freebies like bags and tripods and sometimes an extra memory card or battery. Lots of competition over here.

If you are ever coming over this way, think about holding off on any electronic purchases until you arrive. There are some really good deals to be found.
****Word to the Wise****
Head for the Mong Kok area of Kowloon.

I also get all of my housewares over here. I bought all these great wooden spoons for 50 cents each, and while in Cambodia I bought 3 large bamboo bowls and 5 coconut cups for $30.
Usually in the USA one bamboo bowl will cost around $35-$40. There are also great options for nice chopsticks and place settings. Its pretty decent.



There is no tax or tip in HK either...what you see on the menu is what you pay.
STUNNING. What a concept, right?

I think about what I pay in NY to go out to eat, and now I cringe. One dessert at Pure Food and Wine could buy me 50 wild coconuts in Cambodia. I wish I were joking.

After one hour of online research, I decided to check for the Panasonic SDR-H200 or the Canon HG-10. Both have great reviews...we'll see what happens.

Here's a pic from Cambodia...a person could make a career just taking pics of flowers.

They fold the pedals cool.

Oh right...this is supposed to be about raw food...what did I eat today?

Breakfast was a coconut smoothie blended with those purple flowers I picked yesterday.
WONDERFUL TASTE. Try this sometime.
I saw the comment about the formaldehyde and coconuts. Sad but true.
I am so sick of wondering if the food I am eating is safe. SO TIRED OF IT.
I want to know the origins of what goes into my should you.

I cant wait to have all the fruit trees around and the garden and wild edibles...
It seems like they are trying to poison us at every sad.

Lunch was a massaged green salad (learned this technique from Dhru) with
wild honey, olive oil, nama shoyu, and lemon juice.
We threw some spicy peppers on top and ate it with chopsticks.

And just now I ate a head of broccoli with a superfood spread of:
Hempseed Butter (only from Manitoba the organic farmers)
Wild Honey, Vitamineral Green, and Cacao Powder.

I just spread a little on each floret and chomp away as I type. I love that mix, and if you have any leftover (a me) you can blend it later in a nut milk.

I love the experimentation aspect of living hard rules when it comes to making really get to play around with it.

Dont forget to make it fun! Thats why we are here! Enjoy life to the fullest...



alissa said...

hey anthony

my boyfriend has the panasonic lumix and the canon digital elph. i'm not sure what the model numbers are. the lumix is a more expensive and fancy camera that he got to replace the elph. but he has been complaining that he wants to go back to the elph. he says the canon is much more intuitive to use function-wise. and it also fits in his pocket better. he is touring in australia and new zealand right now (wave in the southward direction) and he took the canon because he doesn't want to look like a tourist and he doesn't want the extra baggage. just some thoughts...

raw by default said...

That second photo was a flower? I thought it was some sort of fancy cake at first! Cool. I'd be in trouble if I ever went over there. My vacation photos would consist of nothing but flowers. I have a bit of an addiction to taking flower photos...

Looking forward to seeing some neat, high-quality videos!


sam said...

Great macros! Mind boggling in fact. Your blog is tre chic! I love reading and seeing the pics!

Kelly said...


Wow, lovely pictures. I love your site and ideas. I wish I was over in SE Asia right now! Anyway, I have a question for you. I'm 17, living in PA and looking at colleges.. interesting in majoring in environmental health/science/idk? in hope of a good sustainablility-promoting career with peak oil and all... any ideas? I noticed you are very knowledgeable on the subject. Thanks!

down the rabbit hole said...

Hey Kelly...check out Arizona State University's new school of Sustainability...ground breaking new program....quite amazing ;)

Ola said...

hi anthony! my friend has just forwarded me an article about another raw foodist named anthony - he's only 17 and doing it on its own...

i used to live in erie and i must say that it's not quite a raw food paradise! i wish i had the knowledge he has when i was 17...