Wednesday, January 16, 2008

BACK...and constantly thanking the Universe

Ah...entering the real world again. It actually feels pretty good (despite having to be on the concrete sheet covering the earth), because I feel like I am starting fresh and beginning to make real progress. Such a great time to start the New Year.

LA was GREAT. Actually better than great. My Hong Kong to NYC flight was overbooked, so Cathay Pacific offered me a direct flight to Los Angeles. Shaving off 11 hours of flying and sitting around in the airport was a GREAT bonus. Instead of getting in at 830 pm, I arrived at 930 AM. I keep remembering to feel really grateful for all of the good things that occur,
and lately more and more good things keep occuring. Hmmm...

I went through the VERY long wait for my bags, snuck my smuggled Malaysian fruits past customs (Kidding! wink* wink* "entertainment purposes only!") and took an
overpriced cab-ride to the (in)famous Roosevelt Hotel,
which is across Hollywood Blvd from Mann's Chinese Theatre.
I can only wonder what sick and perverted acts went on in my hotel room.

I visited the wonderful people at my LA agency,
then walked over to the "Farmer's Market" on 3rd and Fairfax.
I know that there are better farmer's markets in LA on certain days of the week,
but I didnt know the schedule and didnt have a car, so I tried what was within walking distance. When I finally reached it though, it seemed like I discovered that the term "Farmer's Market" has become a marketing tool to convey some sort of authenticity or homegrown feeling. It was more of an open-air food court. What a joke. Maybe on certain days of the week they have something in the parking lot, but that day I struck out.
I miss Borneo...and Phnom Penh.

However I did happen to find a fruit vendor and I bought a couple of prickly pear cactus fruits,

and one coconut.

I wont buy young thai coconuts anymore, and these seemed more real. Those white spots are not powder I assure you. It looked pretty natural. I cracked it open on the side of the rock bench I was sitting on, and drank the juice right there. It tasted great. Im sure I got a few stares.
I think I scared some kids walking by.
"Sorry kids. Your parents should be doing this too. You would have more fun as well."

I walked over to Whole Foods after that to see all the raw junk food that is blanketing the marketplace. Welcome back Anthony...crackers, cookies, fudges and who knows what else now. Who is still buying Goji's for $20 a pound? GO ONLINE PEOPLE...USE the internet.
Save your time too.

Over in SE Asia, its about fresh exotic fruit, coconuts, and fresh greens. Im SOOOO done with all that transitional food. Its just so overpriced and gimmicky.

So for any readers out there who are stuck in dehydrated purgatory:
(IF you want to reach the real raw living-foods high)

I have gone through the dehydrated food stage , sometimes in large amounts, and please,
I ask that you take what I say seriously. Keep this stuff out of the house.
Save it for special occasions. We may need it for the transition, but sooner
rather than later, we should get past all the raw junk
food and start giving ourselves nothing but the best.
Wildcrafted fruits and greens and superfoods (including and of course CACAO
is really the magic key to reaching the next level.
The quicker we can let go of all the kiddie stuff the better off we will be.

And WILD honey for sweetener.

Im not saying DONT EAT THAT. But when you are ready to set down that eating habit, you will know what I mean. I am really getting into eating the wild greens and finding random fruits as I explore. After buying those domesticated prickly pear fruits, I found these next to the sidewalk.

I had to partake...I doubt anyone will miss them.
They were great. Much more seedy than the domestic ones. I would recommend wiping them off in a nearby gas station bathroom before eating them.
I had little ones in my thumbs for way too long.

I also found some date trees growing on the side of the street with some even on the ground. I ate some of those too. REALLY fibrous, but still edible.

People are just letting these foods goes to waste.
Am I the only one who doesnt see a wild food buffet in front of me? could live in LA without buying food if you were able to reach all the food that
was available and the greens weren't covered in fumes.
Lemons, Olives, Wild Greens, Prickly Pear Cactus, Wild Dates....
Pretty much has it covered, no? A person could surely live in Central Park in NY foraging during the summer, but LA seems much more possible for the whole year.

I walked back to the hotel...I was outside walking around for about 3 hours, then met up with a friend for for dinner. She is a doing a very low sugar living-foods diet and is experiencing the rare problem of too much energy and hours awake during the day.
We went to Juliano's which I thought was REALLY good and fun and its just an amazing place.
I was shocked by the value.


Im just saying try not to make your own at home and eat it all in two days.

Day two of LA coming next...

Im going to start doing the Borneo -Sabah posts but Ive gotta upload the pics and have been really occupied cleaning up and organizing since I just got back. Feeling overwhelmed but exciting and just chipping away at the big to-do list.

-LOT COMING UP SOON, and new vids as well.



Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Anthony! Having never met you face-to-face, I find it to be interesting that I so eagerly await your posts..and often reference your website when I need a bit of inspiration to maintain my resolve. Keep up the good work. Many blessings.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Anthony! Having never met you face-to-face, I find it to be interesting that I so eagerly await your posts..and often reference your website when I need a bit of inspiration to maintain my resolve. Keep up the good work. Many blessings. -Aldie

Stacey said...

yay for wild foods! isn't it hilarious that people would look at you oddly for eating a coconut on the streets, yet we could consume all the dead animal and processed junk we want and it would be normal?

btw, why won't you buy young thai coconuts anymore?


alissa said...

i'm kinda curious about the young thai coconut thing too

Tash said...

Thank you for your presence here, Anthony. You continue to inspire!


P.S. The prickly pear cactus is Beauty~FuLL~!

Amanda O'Boyle said...

Anthony, I loved how you went picking around for wild fruits! ha thats awesome. dates..cactus pear..
I like reading your blog..thanks for sharing

raw by default said...

I've never tried a young Thai coconut, and I've recently heard about what's done to them, so I probably never will try one... unless I get to Asia one day.

I'm off to watch some of your videos... :)

Anonymous said...

Great post...I'm just about leaving the transitional dehydration stage, opting for organic romaine rather than organic home made chips etc.
And those thai coconuts...hmm, I'm thinking those are transitional as well. Too bad my honey loves them in her smoothies!


bueller said...

You crack me up! Who knew there was better food outside the farmers market than inside. So good to see you! See you soon I hope!

Ciao bella!

PS: I think you meant Low sugar - raw diet? low raw sugar diet sounds like all I eat is raw sugar! :-)

Penni in Tulsa said...

I catch your vibe on the "losing the dehydrated foods." I think that's good wisdom as we get further in to being raw. I have a family and my husband & girls REALLY enjoy the treats & snacks I make, however, I rarely eat what I create anymore.

I love it that you are foraging for food on the streets of LA! That is so sweet. If I would have seen you cracking the coconut on the side of the road I would have been like, "Right On!"

Thanks for creating a fun, smart and hip blog. Love it!