Friday, December 21, 2007

Walking (and crossing) the Line

Sometimes you have to make a sacrifice for the greater good.

I went out to dinner with Iris and her extended family tonight.
We always go to these nice Chinese restaurants where they have these large round tables
and in the center is a rotating glass platform (lazy susan they call it in the States) so
you can spin the wheel until your favorite dish is in front of you. Love that idea.

There are 7 hardcore Chinese eaters there, including the 90 year old matriarch, so guess what?
Im eating at a Chinese restaurant tonight. Hmmmm...

Sure...some could say: "Anthony - Pack an avocado in your pocket and eat in the bathroom while no one is looking. Or...just bring your own salad." Well...this is the real world, and many people have NO clue what this raw food lifestyle is all about. They all think that Im this hardcore vegetarian, so at least they order alot of bok choy and kale for me. You cant get it raw, and actually, I think because of bacteria issues, Id prefer it cooked.

There has to be a threshold. I dont want to eat it, but what do you say?
"Sorry everyone...just going to sit here and watch you all eat and totally make you all feel strange....dont mind me at all...I just think you and your eating habits are so wrong."

This is basically what Id be conveying. I avoid this. I'm giving in, but again, I'm over here once a year and we go out to eat like this once a year, so if I have to go through a runny nose while visiting with these nice people, than so be it. I'll recover.
We cant all cling onto 100% like it was the last cacao smoothie of our lives.
They all ask me how I can look so healthy with only eating plants. It totally stumps them.
However, they always ask me for diet tips and exercise advice though...
so its cool that they show some interest.

I was lucky enough to talk with them about Chinese medicine, and the grandmother knew so much. Ive been looking into Ho Shu Wu lately, and she said thats its really good for the kidneys, and especially the hair. One of the uncles was like..."Why would you want to take it? Your hair is so dark and thick!" Of course there is more to Ho Shu Wu than hair regeneration, but that is the main concept of it over here.
"Why not take action now?" I replied.

Here is a picture of three generations. Ages 90, 55, and 26. The grandmother was VERY active too. My grandma looked like that around 65, and then went downhill pronto after that. By 80, she was a withered old shell of herself. This wonderful woman was the exact opposite.

They all love the fact that Im into gojis and gingko nuts too.
Im trying my best to represent over here, people!
Chinese medicine is 5000 years old, so I must give it much more respect than the sterile, synthetic, and profit-motivated systems of the west.

I woke up at 530 am to get one last post in...Im off to Cambodia in one hour.
The pictures are going to be INSANE I guarantee you. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and have a very non-commercial and meaningful holiday season.

Give the gift of companionship and non-judgemental love and acceptance.
Let your loved ones know that you support them and cherish them more than any
new electronic gadget or wardrobe. We have to really break out of consumerism if we expect to have deeper and more purposeful lives. Save your money for a trip maybe?
Buy fruit trees for everyone! Now THAT is a gift that really keeps on giving.
Gifts for liberation. I like it.
Banksy is doubt.



Courtney Pool said...

Cooked bok choy. Oh you sinner, you. What blasphemy. I'm kidding, you know ;) Good thing we're not defined by our food. GASP! What a concept! Just make sure you add a lot of the best condiments ever: LOVE, GRATITUDE AND ENJOYMENT!

ola said...

hi anthony, it doesn't really have anything to do with your latest post, but i've read this article today about permaculture and rob hopkins' transition town and thought you would enjoy this info too! here's the article:

and some related links:


Anonymous said...

I think sometimes the law of Love must be followed. You showed respect and honor to your friend's family by eating with them. I would never feel bad about that.
Best Anthony!

california girl said...

Anthony, I commend your realistic approach to the situation you are in. I aspire to be as 100% raw as you are and you are a major inspiration. That being said, look at where you are and who you are with. Meals are an experience of the culture you are in. Thankfully they accept you are a vegetarian and at least you can experience the flavors of their culture in the healthiest way possible. So, enjoy it and don't waste a minute feeling stressed about it. You have more than enough great health going to worry about a few cooked veggie meals. Much better than distracting and offending the whole group. Enjoy your travels- really fun to read about and see the pix!

Stacey said...

You are an inspirartion. I love reading your blog. Thanks for keeping it real.

pascalle said...

hiya anthony,

i get to check in here once in a while, i just wanted to express appreciation for this post. i think there is a lot to be said for puttting things in perspective and what that may sometimes entail. if this is truly a lifestyle, then there is no need to feel threatened by this (very rare) circumstance. of course we know that this isn't what you would prefer, but i am glad you looked at this as an opportunity to express love.



Aaron said...

Hey Tony,
If is funny that i have tried to argue this point to you many times and now you have been faced with it for yourself. I applaud your openmindedness. Sometimes convinience and different situations dictate what we do but should never drive our decisions. We should never be %100 anything except for %100 open-minded. %100 open-minded is one of few things that wont let you down. Extra foot room will always allow us to live comfertably as long as we wear matching socks. I hope that makes sense because i just thought of it....anyway bro, we love ya and we are glad you are having a great time. Your dad stopped by the other day too, it was great to talk to him for a bit. Give Iris our best. I am confident that this trip is teaching you alot about yourself.