Sunday, December 2, 2007

Staying warm, and the morning juice

Oneness...don't fight it...its EVERYWHERE.

(Not my pic unfortunately)

I've been trying to get in a fair amount of walking while I'm still here in the city.
However, its been really cold this week, and I havent been bundling up properly,
so somehow I acquired a sore and scratchy throat.

I honestly didnt even know if I was going to post about it, because I thought that it would show
some kind of weakness or vulnerability.

Sore throats...I got one two years ago when I was using the sauna quite a bit, then would immeadiately stand outside in the freezing wind. Sounds horribly stupid, I know, but I thought it would be like one of those hot/cold therapy things.

Well, it totally shocked my system, and it seems like all this winter-weather-walking has done it to me again. I had a tea tonight and that helped a bunch. I even did the sauna today, which was a complete joy. Sooooo warm on a cold winter's day. And sometimes you have to turn it on before you are ready so it warms up, but the Universe was looking out for me and had it all warmed up by the time I walked in. It was great. I love to meditate and work on breathing while Im in there. Its perfect.

Ive been doing these amazing morning juices lately.
Super simple, just half a tray of wheatgrass (my $7 a day habit...)
4 or 5 lemons, and 5 or 6 stalks of celery.

Not the best tasting, but you feel so grounded and calm after you finish it. Even as I start drinking it, I can feel the calmness setting in. Who knows...?

The funny thing is...all those lemons AND wheatgrass...I thought Id be invincible. Maybe
those hours and hours of coldness on the face and neck are just too much. I could be bedridden though, so a little scratchy throat isnt the end of the world. I'm grateful.

Ive started up the angstrom minerals again...never was quite sure if I noticed a difference...maybe I never did. Maybe give them a shot yourself and see if you like them. I dont mind them at all...just wondering about effectiveness. I always take them while Im juicing...remember...MULTI-TASK!

So thats the morning setup. Don't forget the MSM either...very crucial in my opinion. All this followed up a few hours later with a green smoothie and maybe some raw apple pie lately. Raw apple pie completely rules over cooked crapple pie. Then I usually round it out with some fruit. I did some durian that was in the fridge today, and am still waiting for my persimmons to ripen.

Those things REALLY demand patience. Some of these have been here for two weeks. Is it too cold in my room? I dont quite know...

Have an awesome week everyone, wherever you are. Juice some ginger to warm you up, and for all of you blessed to be in the more equatorial regions of the world, give a kind thought to all those poor souls stuck up near the permafrost.

Warmth and happiness for all...



Hugh said...

In traditional chinese medicine (TCM) 'Cold' is considered pathogenic (disease causing). So the idea of heating yourself up, opening yours pores and then subjecting yourself to Cold is a big no no and a path to illness.

Saying that, by the same system, eating too much raw food can be considered a strain on the Spleen. But I'm not sure even the Chinese invented Vita-mix's 2000 years ago then that was written! ;-)

Get better soon mate.

ps.. excited here today, I've found out about a raw food restaurant in London!!! Next time I'm in town... ;-)

alissa said...

my boyfriend showed me that same smiley pic yesterday!

small world...

raw by default said...

What's wrong with a bit of weakness and vulnerability? We're all human.

Besides... maybe your body is just doing what needs to be done. The sore throat may just be a by-product of your body getting rid of some toxin. If that's the case, it's a sign of strength, not weakness.

Have a good day and stay warm!

Eden said...

Hey Anthony!
Im raw too, and while I dont get sick like I used to, down here in Australia this winter we had a superbug epidemic. I got flu symptoms like a mild sore throat and cough for a few days but then it was gone. Everyone else I knew was sick for weeks on end, several times over the next three months. I think that because of the overuse of antibiotics, these viruses tend to mutate and get stronger leaving even us rawbies exposed. But while we may not be immune to everything, the difference for us is that our bodies are so strong that we can fight these viruses head on and quicker than the general population.
Hydration, vitamins and rest - what you are already doing! Feel better soon :)

naseem g said...

Anthony!! Its naseem, from facebook lol. I was browsing oprahs website at look at what i came across:

check it out, its really exciting that the word is really getting out!!
keep up the amazing work! hope your throat feels better! eat lotsa garlic... :D xoxo

california girl said...

Persimmons- so yummy but so testing of my patience. I had to laugh- I have a persimmon that is now on it's 2nd round trip from San Diego to Santa Barbara. When it finally ripens I might be too attached to it to actually eat it!

Sheena said...

Ahaha, the firs pic is beautiful, I see a face in it (obvious), it's one of the faces I make when I'm feelin goood, like eating pie. Hmm, if I think about all those cooked and baked pies, not feelin so good anymore. What's your recipe for apple pie? Don't worry about showing vulnerability or whatsoever, because, I dunno, it might be helpful information for others. Thank you for your openess. I have no recipe myself for sore throat, except drink a lot of fluids and stay warm. Yay for sauna's.