Friday, November 30, 2007


A hearty dose of diet advice, from a non-doctor :)

Wouldnt you rather be called a "Healer" than a "Doctor"? One of my sisters is in medical school right now, but she is so busy studying that she never has the time to read I can talk trash about the medical industry without worrying about revenge from her.

A horrible diet is promoted in this society to keep you sick AND broke. Dont forget that one. BROKE and tied to the wage-slave system.
Some doctors need for you to have heart problems. Some want you to have bad skin. Maybe not YOU directly, but they need people coming into their office.
Their mortgage, car, and childrens' tuition payments depend on it. Do you think a cardiologist would really want everyone to become a raw vegan?

And lets not even get into the Pharmaceutical industry right now.

My new friend Grace told me that her nutritionist told her that uncooked food will only burn MUSCLE, and NOT FAT.

Have you heard of this one? This was totally new to me. I havent looked in the books, but something tells me that it is completely ABSURD and LAUGHABLE.
This man thrives on 100% raw vegan nutrition. Mostly greens.
This photo is from We Like it Check out the interview here.

And just to reiterate from my own personal experience:

I was doing superfood smoothies and green smoothies everyday. Doing elliptical in the morning, and weights and a little more elliptical at night. I watched TV or listened to audio books while working out to multi-task. I dont think the raw food was breaking down muscle.

Now I really want to get a tan. Damn.

So...LESSON? Look at the person giving you advice. Advice is cheap and seconds are served happily. Big...sloppy...and usually worthless. Dish it up, baby!


Hugh said...

I don't know about you but I suggest Grace changes her nutritionist! That is the sort of clap trap I'd expect from an internet forum warrior who knew little. Cooking denaturises the protein content in food and makes it less available for the body to break down.

Right now, I have to make a decision. I compete as a fighter and after drinking more green smoothies and generally upping my total raw food percentage my weight has dropped into the weight category below what I normally compete at. I never believed that I could get this light and the possibility of fighting at lightweight is very close.

By eating more raw I have lost muscle mass, mass gained by chugging down protein shakes and eating chicken a lot, but my strength has remained. In short, its not just how big a muscle is, it's how effective you can use the motor units in it. Burning muscle gained from Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy is not a bad thing, getting weaker through diet is. Right now, I'm doing fine.

raw by default said...

Many medical doctors, in my experience, don't know much about diet. I've been to my family doctor plenty of times, complaining of various symptoms, and I think she only asked me once what I was eating (and even then only to make sure I was getting enough protein... never mind vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.). That should be the first question they ask! Unfortunately, I think the question that's running through their heads is, "What drug can I put this person on?"

Zoe said...

I live in the UK so all our "health care" is free, but I watched Michael Moore's film "Sicko" last night and was horrified at the amount of money Americans have to pay for their medical insurance and their medical bills.
It keeps you chained to modern day slavery of working for big corporations who can pay your medical insurance, or working all hours for yourself or small companies so you can pay it yourself.
All countries need raw, but USA needs it really, really badly! If America was raw then there would be little need for all this expensive "healthcare".

Anthony said...

All of these comments are excellent. I love waking up and reading intelligent stuff like this first thing in the morning. Beats coffee anyday.

Anonymous said...

I am a fruitarian, you can read on my blog, when I worked in a medical facility all the crap the doctors used to tell me, and how their kids all demanded Burger King every night when we had to babysit.

Its amazing.

My blog is

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for everyone who is still living at home, and trying to consume more raw living foods. I'm starting to dislike my family members. Their such Sabotagers!

goingRAWr! said...

hi people!
i'm a medical doctor but one who did not go into it in order to practise that rather crappy brand of medicine.. i did it for the "doctor" so that when i get my degree in ayurveda and put raw food up there as one of the most important diets for health, people may actually listen a bit more.
having worked in the profession, i totally agree that most doctors are very poorly educated in nutrition and in fact are the worst eaters out there. i wouldn't however go as far to say that doctors want you to be sick to pay their bills etc.. we're still human, and we generally have good hearts!
raw food has done more for me than anything else i've seen, i'm all for it!
:) m

Mila said...

I love that you have a well-rounded recognition of all systems of oppression, including the wage slavery system. Once I read Karl Marx in grad school I realized what I had always suspected was true.

Permission to Mother said...

I am enjoying your backblog and your sense of humor while sharing your experiences and great information. I've made notes on some green smoothies that I am going to try soon like arugula and pineapple; avocado and cilantro, lime...., ( I can grow all those things near my home.)I enjoy two BIG handfuls of greens a day. One in smoothies and one in a salad. I showed my teen boys your before and after photos. You are an inspiration. I LOVE your dichotomy of being a model and rawmodel. Not that you need my endorsement or anything, but keep up the great job. Your disclaimer is funny. I am a medical doctor eating Raw. :)
I've added your blog to my blogroll.