Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Every Monday should and CAN be this Good

Well...today is Tuesday, but I got home pretty late last night so I didnt post.
Let's see if I can piece everything together....

It wasnt even that eventful until later on.
I ran some errands, spent some time in the sauna, and prepared for later that night.
Luckily, I was meeting up for dinner at Pure with Dhru & our mutual friend Jenny from Maine.
She used to assist Alissa Cohen and she also made those irresistible HOME-MADE chocolate macaroons that I wrote about last week.

As a token of my appreciation to them both, I made them each a raw apple pie. So I went shopping for ingredients earlier in the day at the Greenmarket and made everything a bit later.

When I am making my dishes, I definitely use my hands and while doing so I always focus on feelings of gratitude that I have for the people Im making something for. This might sound cheesy to some of you, but I do think there is a difference. I mean, my (washed) hands are totally working with the crust and the filling, and the whole time Im thinking about how cool it is to have people like them in my life. Couldn't hurt, right?

I had a late casting around 6pm then headed home to get changed and grab everything for dinner. Oh right, I was meeting up with another friend of ours, Seema, for dancing at Cielo later...so I had to wear comfy shoes.

Loafers look classy, but if youre dancing for 4 hours, Id recommend something comfortable.
Ladies...I dont know how you do it in heels. My hat goes off to you, for sure.
Wear some converse next time! I wont hold it against you!
Ive seen many young women walking BAREFOOT on the NYC streets just so they can escape the hellish pain of heels after a long night. Wow....

Dinner was great. We were fortunate enough to see our friends Yukiko and Charles from the last get-together we had. Its so great when you randomly bump into friends. Blessed...

We all split appetizers and desserts. I like the whole sharing-community thing. I was always so big on buffets when I was doing cooked foods, mostly for the variety,
so I really love this style of dining with friends. We visited for about 3 hours! Time flies...

(the classic sundae...you would never EVER believe that its Raw and Vegan. SO creamy!

(Gingerbread with Cardamom Ice Cream...I couldn't stop grinning as I tasted this.)

Dhru and I then headed over to Whole Foods to meet up with Seema, and talked about future ambitions and ideas. Lots of big stuff coming in 08...Im so ready for it.

Dhru had to get back home, so Seema and I took a cab over to Cielo (it was NASTY cold...snowing and windy) and then danced for about 3 hours. Honestly, this was actually the first time I have been either wine or um..."herb" free while dancing, and it was still GREAT! Im glad that I enjoy it enough now that I can do it totally sober and high on the experience. It was really fun, and obviously I was digging it because I was pretty soaked in perspiration after.

However...this is about the worst thing you can ask for when you are walking back outside. I felt like someone sprayed me with a firehose and threw me out in the snow. Took a cab to the subway, then eventually made it home. Long day, but great.

Mondays are usually so monotonous and dreaded...but if we CHOOSE to make them exciting...
they BECOME exciting. Go figure!

Consciously Create Reality...its up to you. AND...if you are a dedicated raw-foodist, you should consider making one raw dish per week for a friend or co-worker or whoever.... What would it cost? $10 a week to totally make someone's day?
Think about this. Those raw apple pies could inspire millions.
And dont forget to put good energy into that food when you are working with it.

Every day is blessed....simply live it with this fact in mind.

Now...RIPEN damn you! RIPEN! I cant take it much longer!!! AHHH!
(Cali Girl...I feel your pain! Im beginning to become attached to these little cuties!)



Anonymous said...

"HERBS" gasp. raw model! WHY?!!! :(

wyldegirl said...

anthony- i'll have a post up by this afternoon singing your praises! the pie was so delicious and i adored hanging out even more than reading your inspiring quotes (obviously, it's better in person!!) and congrats on going influence free for the ecstatic dancing session!
x jenny

Nirav said...

Use a brown paper bag my friend. Leave it in a dark area for a day or two and those persimmons will be perfect for eating. Putting a halogen/incandescent light is not going to do it ... haha