Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Working Again...and Jenny's Macaroons

So I'm back in the mix. I have a job with Sprint tomorrow, and two days with Geoffrey Beene Menswear in the middle of Dec. I had two castings today, one for Oscar De La Renta and the other for Paul Stewart, and both went better than I ever hoped for. The Oscar job shoots in Panama in Mid Jan...so Im really hoping for that one. Seems pretty possible at this point.

I've been lucky enough to be doing morning workouts, and I can't emphasize how much better and energized I feel throughout the day. I simply cant recommend doing pre-breakfast exercises enough. They keep a person lean, and give them a great feeling throughout the morning.

I have to give the biggest virtual hug ever to Jenny from Maine who was unbelievably kind and thoughtful enough to send chocolate macaroons to the NYC potluck last week. Sadly enough, she mailed them to my agency, and since they were closed the day before Thanksgiving, I didn't receive them until today.

So...after a long subway ride...samples had to be tried. Couldnt help myself!

The best chocolate macaroons EVER!
Jenny - Open a raw cafe in Maine & live the dream! You have a serious talent...they taste perfect!
Seriously though...there was a lot of love put into those,
and I'll be sure to spread the goodness...no hoarding, I promise. They just taste simply amazing. Well done...

I mean, who sends macaroons to strangers for a potluck? The world just gets better and better.

Let this be an example to inspire us to be the superhero that we know we really are.
You are reading this for a reason...let it inspire you to help others come together.

Oh yes! For anyone out there who had their feathers ruffled (sorry for the lame cliche) over the "Young and Hip Raw Food Potluck"...please read.

I know that we arent aiming to exclude anyone...we are just ADDING a new event specifically designed for those who are raw AND young. Of course we always reach the fuzzy fence-riding area when we reach our late 30's. No one would ever get turned away, and in fact there were some older people there as well, just not in the picture. Its like a meetup.com group for young people new to the city. No one would give them a hard time because they are excluding old people new to the city. We cant always worry about upsetting someone, because its truly inevitable and it keeps us from taking risks and going for it.

I encourage all types of raw food groups to form. Id love to see a Raw Latino group, or a Women's Group. I promise I wont cry discrimination.

I dont think its a case of fragmentation either...Id say its more about adding different facets to the overall "movement" and creating more community.

NYC is getting cold...SE Asia here I come! Durians are in Season in Late December, right?


Chef de Mocha said...

I'm Sorry A, when/why are you going to Asia, I must have missed that in a previous post ... But anyway, you truly are One Lucky Duck - Fresh Durians, I only dreamed of such things - let me know how they are or as you would say, “spread the goodness."

wyldegirl said...

Thanks Anthony. . . sorry they didn't make it but SO glad you get to savor them. . . you're not the first to mention a raw place in maine, sometimes i wonder if the universe is nudging me to take a risk and go with it?!

I completely agree with you regarding your young post- i don't feel that it's excluding anyone, there are very valid reasons for promoting and networking the young raw movement as it's true that a lot of the community is older and got into it due to poor health (which is fabulous!) but in those cases, i almost feel like it's easier to be raw. . . and it's incredibly hard to socialize and go out (and do all the typical 20 &30 something activities, which includes dating) when so much of it revolves around cooked food and lots of alcohol. So just know how very happy this "revolution" of sorts is making so many of us!

and exercising in the morning rocks. makes the lymph flow and the heart race. . . who needs coffee?? and my personal favorite way to follow a morning hike is kombucha and fresh squeezed (full of pulp) orange juice or a mashed up kiwi. . . it tastes like a decadent cocktail or mimosa!
long comment. . . but basically- thanks!

naseem said...

Hi Anthony!! :D Just wanted to let u know that ur blog is so inspiring! Ive made up my mind to start transitioning into the all living foods lifestyle at the beg. on the new year. I cant wait! Im so put off by cooked food now! ...but i still have to eat it because im on a meal plan, and our salad in the cafe is really icky and wilted.

ahh im so excited tho! thanks so much for your blog and being who you are! have a great time in Asia!! :D

Cara said...

I LOVE the "young and hip" stuff. Can't wait to see more of it.
Perhaps a catchphrase is in order, though. What is everyone calling themselves?
Raw babies?
Raw youngin's?
The Raw Kids?

I'm out of ideas.

raw by default said...

Chocolate macaroons? Mmmm... *runs off to find a recipe*

Anonymous said...

Anthony I think you misunderstood Jenny's message? She said she sent Sarma's Chocolate Macaroons that you can order from OneLuckyDuck.com.

I don't think she made them personally, or did she? =)