Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Early night

This pic isn't really related to anything below...just thought Id throw it in there for all to enjoy.
I took this shot almost 2 years ago when I was living in Brooklyn (Williamsburg). the light in the sea of darkness.

I booked another job today. They are picking the models up at 6:45 tomorrow morning...not cool! The pick up spot is about 40 min away from my apt as - its gonna be an early night.

I had a durian for dinner...which is totally rare, but I was near Chinatown this evening after my shoot, so I strolled over and bought one. At $1 a cant beat it in the US. Soon though...I'll be touring Durian plantations in Cambodia...trying different varieties as if they were different apples at the Greenmarket. I just sat on a park bench and ate half of it...its hard to go through a durian in public without someone asking about it, but I lucked out this time. Actually, its totally cool to introduce people to it, but when you are chilling with your headphones on, it can get a little annoying.

My good friend S. from Oklahoma emailed me about the thanksgiving difficulties she had since this is her first holiday season after going raw. I told her to just eat what she was still craving if that is what would have made her happy...

Once you are raw for a while, you will notice that the cooked desires usually become less and less. My desires for ice cream and cookies were fierce early on, and even striking me hard for a couple of days every few months during my journey. But at this point, you could put them in front of me and it really wouldnt do anything for me. I would much rather have a raw dessert if anything...but ultimately its not a big deal. Like a growing child, you put down the old things that you used to be really fond of, and move on to the next.

So my dear friend S....

Eat what you want to eat deep down. And when you start to fall asleep 20 min later and start sweating, questions might come into your mind. Listen to those questions. Balance it out later with extra greenery and a brisk walk around the neighborhood for at least 40-45 min...

No Rawmodel! Resist the dark side! No!!!!! (a bad summer night)
See how faded I look? Brain fog!

I'll talk more about some of my moments of food addiction mayhem in the next post.

Until next time,



raw by default said...

*gasp* Please tell me you didn't eat that whole thing! What is that... a quarter of a huge pizza?!

Jen said...

$1 a pound for Durian??? Geez, I pay at least $6 a pound at my local asian market when they have them...I'll be adding that to my list of reasons why applying to grad school in NYC is a good life choice!

I like your philosophy on giving in to the "dark side"..I think some raw foodists become so dogmatic about the lifestyle that it becomes less about wanting the healthiest and best fuel for the body and more about the "idea" of being raw. I'm not advocating eating cooked food, but it's nice to remember that if happens, the body will recover. It's good to look back on and embrace our cooked food pasts rather than pretend they didn't exist. It lets us see how far we've come!!

Becca said...

When you wrote that you got your modeling gigs, I felt honestly happy because I know that means you are closer to your dreams and you can keep blogging and you-tube-ing. Good on ya!
I agree about the fact that some people simply won't be happy about things we say (ie, young raw foodists getting together and such) but hey, we shouldn't think of it as exclusion, but inspiration. Who's to say that eventually we won't all be just people eating food, rather than raw foodists, vegans, meat-eaters, etc.?
Keep it up. LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog.

Hugh Lutley said...

I'm certainly not the first or the last person who posts on here to congratulate you on such an interesting and absorbing log. I came across your site through the RawFoodies on Facebook. I've been tackling a Raw Food diet for some time now but it's only now after reading your blog have I really made the Super Green Smoothie a staple of my breakfast regime.

Your blog is really having a positive effect on people so please keep it up!