Sunday, November 18, 2007

The New Raw Food Generation

Here we come....

A new generation...filled with 20 and 30-somethings who have PAID ATTENTION to the mayhem that has been caused by the lifestyles of our recent elders. We are the ones who don't have to heal ourselves...we beat disease to the punch, because we woke up in time.

I go to some raw food meetings, and I have to admit that there are many older people there. I love all raw-foodists...dont get me wrong. But there is a serious lack of youth at these things. You can't blame the older people for being there. They were lied to for decades about what to eat and how to live, but luckily now they are trying to undo the many years of damage and neglect.

I am with these people, without a doubt...but who I really identify with are the young and intelligent bunch that comprise this new generation of raw-foodists. Those who have said no to trashing our bodies (our temples) and have realized that the true goal in life is not material possessions, but the development of a strong and loving community and a life filled with purpose and learning. I can really see how vital all of this is now. We share something that most (99.99%) of the population doesnt share, or even know about. So let's do what we can, no?

These "kids" are where its at. I know 20-somethings who know more about raw food than some of the "experts" out there did when those people were in their 40's. Most, if not all of us weren't raised raw, but eventually we followed the clues of the Universe, and the payoff has been wonderful. We have a 20-year head start on most of this. Where can this all go now? Especially with the internet?!

Our main priority should be community building (whether in physical life or online) and constant self development and improvement. In light of this, Dhru (We Like it Raw), Philip (Lovingraw) and myself are putting together a potluck designed to bring the young raw community together. No exclusions of course...our loving brothers and sisters who have been around the sun more than us are welcome to come...

...but ESPECIALLY...the new young raw-foodies out there...this is ultimately for us.

Its hard being young and raw. Friends want to meet for coffee, want to go out for drinks, and always want to go out and eat foods that we are trying to stay away from. This can be really tough...I have more experience in this lonely realm than Id like to admit...and most of it was because I just didnt know more raw foodists in NY. We need socialization, but most of our social networks don't really share our lifestyle habits.

So lets do what we can. If you are young (or young at heart) and want to come, we have about 25 spots open. The place Dhru found was NOT free to rent, so we have to ask $10 each so we can all split the cost. There is no money trying to be made, just friendships, relationships and overall...connections.

Its going to be next Saturday, two days after Tofurkey Day (You ever seen a tofurkey??? ouch...) please email myself or one of the other guys if you are interested in going.

Oh yes...and if you want me to directly answer a question, just email me at

The comments...I usually leave them as they are...sometimes trying to respond to some pertinent questions, but usually I just let them be. So email me if its something specific.

As for wheatgrass juice...Ive never vomited, although Ive heard many stories. I would drink 8oz a day usually, maybe 4oz sometimes. Even starting out it wasnt a big deal. If you are having problems with it, combine with celery, cuke, carrot, and apple. Sweeter, but it will get the grass down...and I always add lemon or lime because the vitamin C helps with absorption of the wheatgrass.

I'm going to overload on COCO NABS tonight!! Haha!! Love the Chinese translations!

I might be a bit late because of the dinner at Pure, but we will be there. Wait for me, and DONT EAT ALL THE CACAO!!! Put some in your fanny-pack for me!!! PLEASE!!!

I'm just a little worried...there was so much good stuff last time, and the cacao vultures (myself included) were circling the kill BIGTIME.

Seriously though, the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is one of my top non-profits out there, and especially because as David Wolfe says, it focuses on SOLUTIONS...not PROBLEMS. Think about this PETA.
This younger generation...the neo-greens...we have got to model our thinking on solutions, not problem identification. We know what the previous generations did to this planet and to themselves and their children, and we are not going to keep walking down that path. Save your friends from the emptiness of materialism and show them all the love you have so they know that they simply cannot lose with people like us on their side.

Big rambling session today...thanks for bearing with me on this one.

Im getting so many good vibes...nothing but positivity, so lets keep the momentum up. (Sans the rather spiteful Quintessence-basher who has been contributing it goes)



Anonymous said...

Hello Anthony:
From reading the previous blogs, I get the impression that you plan to establish a home in MN with a great plan of sustainability. Could you tell us more at some point? And how can we incorporate more of the goals of self suffieciency?


Chef de Mocha said...

That was so well spoken Anthony and I am with you 100%. The only thing that left me down after reading this post is the fact that I can't come to the potluck(Chitown to New York, just not happening) but I'll be holding the Midwest Thanksgiving down :) And I hope you have a great turn out

wyldegirl said...

RIGHT ON. thankyouthankyouthankyou for voicing so many of the thoughts bouncing around my own head!
So you're probably out at dinner and the fundraiser- enjoy for all of us that can't be there- and have fun networking and socializing with like-minded and hip twenty-somethings (and of course everyone of all ages)!!!

Carrie said...

I've gotten sick from wheatgrass also. I love the green juices and vegetables, I always have. But i've had wheatgrass and everytime it has made me very sick. I thought it was because I drank it on an empty stomach but I tried it yesterday and got violently ill. Its the strangest thing because I love the taste, its kind of sweet. Also yesterday I tried a new combo with the greens. Parsley, ginger, celery and apple. The smell of the ginger is pretty strong but the apple does a great job of covering everything up, but I love green juice straight. The ginger makes it a little spicy, but it was so good. There was something else in there too but I can't think of it at the moment.

Rachel said...

Dude. Awesome. All I can say is I wish I was in New York. But I am lucky my dad lives there (a few blocks from PFW no less!) so I have a good excuse to visit. I'm moving back home w/ my mom in Houston for a while to save money (the good ole backup plan), but I will come to NYC to visit at some point; maybe the next time you guys have a potluck and I can work it financially. And I LOVE the positive energy of your post. I'm inspired! I'm ready to stir up the raw scene in Houston!

Courtney Pool said...

Yeah youngen's, rock on! This post is great, and I totally agree. One of my biggest passions is exactly this - turning on the younger generations to Living Foods. I'm in the process of writing an ebook on the Raw Lifestyle for College students. This potluck is a GREAT idea and I'm going to write about it in my post today!

Raw Troll said...

Great post! I love the raw potluck idea with a focus on the younger crowd like myself.

Ps. You forgot to give credit to the Wolfe on the whole "focus on the solution and not the problem peta "

juineve said...

You'll be happy to know I held the first raw foods brunch in Boston last Sunday. 16 people showed up! A majority of the younger people were actually raw-curious people from the Boston Vegan Association (BVA), but all were at least raw curious.

I def't plan on holding it again, and most of the people from the BVA want to participate in the food prep this time to get a better understanding of what goes into raw food prep.

Jen said...

Hi Anthony! Your blog is great. I think you have a lot of meaningful ideas. I definitely agree with you that the world needs more younger raw individuals to shake things up! Fortunately, it looks as though Raw is going mainstream at a fast maybe pretty soon it will happen!
By the way, I was in NYC last weekend to see Dane Cook at Madison Square Garden, and I was sooooo antsy knowing that David Wolfe was only a few miles away from me. You're so lucky to have met him! And all that raw chocolate...Guhh.

Anyway, keep up the blogging!
-Jen from NH

the goat said...

i'm 19 and raw vegan, so is my girlfriend. wish there were more alchemists out there...