Friday, November 16, 2007

Mid-November already?

Yeah...this totally shocked me today about how late in the year it is already. Maybe because its been really mild, or I'm on the computer too much these days...

This weekend is going to be really fun though, because I get to hang out with Dhru of We Like It Raw and Philip of Lovingraw, plus a lucky person willing to get themselves to NYC this weekend for an amazing meal at Pure Food and Wine. Im really excited to meet whoever wins! All of you on here are smart could easily win that contest! We all read good books, right?

To be totally honest, within the past couple of months, Ive really been digging the moving picture show (dvds, youtube) compared to reading good ol' fashioned books. I will start many, but its seems like lately Ive just been dabbling too much. Ive really been online a ton lately learning about friggin' fruit trees and honeybees. Go figure...

I got some really slick swimming goggles for when I swim over at my friend's building. They make swimming SO much more enjoyable, and it wont irritate your eyes. Im not really down with the whole chlorine pool issue of course and totally would prefer a saline-treated pool...but swimming is really great and I'll take whatever I can get.

Here is the most hardcore green juice you can make for yourself 6 days a week. Invest in your health. This might not be cheap, but do this for two weeks while also being raw, and your clarity and alkalinity will skyrocket.

I weigh 165-170lbs, 6'1''.

8 oz of wheatgrass juice. Ok...I know, I know. Hear me out.
Buy a tray, usually the price will be around $12-14 US. Juice half of that tray each day. Maybe even a third if you are small.
Make sure the grass is fairly high, around 6-7 inches before harvest.

1 cucumber

5 stalks of celery

3 lemons (or blend the peeled lemons w/pith in the vitamix after making the green juice to retain seed and fruit fiber) Of course they should be organic, but just the fact that you are consuming 3 lemons a day is a HUGE step in your wellness and alkalinity.

Cilantro if you have it, otherwise parsley. Yhe stems and all.

If I have some kale on hand or collards, usually $2 worth is fine.

So overall, juicing this yourself, I think the cost would be about $12. Maybe a little less...UNLESS YOU GROW YOUR OWN. Think about how much wheatgrass you are consuming each day, and what that would cost at the juice bar. 8 oz at $2 an oz? No joke!

This drink will change your life. 6 days a week...youll learn to love the taste. Starting this next year in April Ill be growing all my own wheatgrass in Minnesota, and I might even have to do it in Paris if I cant find a good source. Its kind of a pain at first, but if you have the space for it and set it up so its efficient and easy to clean up, then youre on the fast-track to vibrancy and re-mineralization.

I just buy mine now, because I dont have the good light or space for the trays here at the apartment. And it does save alot of time, you have to set up a good system to be effective in the long term.

Have a great weekend everyone! Make the most of it! Maybe a little day trip somewhere? You write the story, remember!



Michelle J said...

Hey Anthony, whats this about a contest and how come i don't know about it?? Your weekend plans sound awesome! I am thinking about going to the green market tomorrow to stock up on greens for juicing. Anthony, i added 1 lemon to my juicing this morning, just put it through the juicer and it was WOW, so sour. I guess i have to get used to that! Also, what do you put the vitamineral green into to drink? I've been putting it in the juice but it kinda ruins the taste a bit. Your thoughts? Have a great, green, raw weekend!

Mel's Raw Food Adventures! said...

Thanks for the post! I've always been interested in growing my own wheatgrass. I'll be buying a tray ASAP. Have you ever thought about making your own tray and planting wheatberries?
Mel - aka. one of the contest applicants ;)

raw by default said...

That is the greenest thing I have ever seen! Seriously... it almost looks like fluorescent paint. You know, I've never had wheatgrass. Too expensive. I guess it's something to put on my list of things to try.

Sounds like a fun weekend. I never even heard about that contest until you mentioned it. Oh, well. Have a great time!

Mel's Raw Food Adventures! said...

Hi Anthony!
I already posted a comment but apparently it did not go through so here I go again! :)
Thanks for the post! I've always been interested in wheatgrass so I think I'm going to go buy me a tray and do some more research into it. Have you ever thought about growing your own by planting some wheatberries?
Keep the posts coming!

Mel - aka. one of the contest entries ;)

Chef de Mocha said...

Hi Anthony,
I thought you might like this

I was right in the middle of harvesting it and then I read your post, so I thought you would appreciate it :)
I have just currently started following your blog and it is filled with wonderful information.
Also, I found it unique that you swim. I use to be on my High Schoole swim team freshman year(highschool), but since going raw my skin can just not handel it - so I just do lots of Yoga instead :)
Anyway you have a wonderful day and feel free to check me out some time at
Peace, love, and Gratitude,

Raw Troll said...

watch out for moldy wheatgrass that will give you the gag effect.

wyldegirl said...

oh have so much fun at dinner and the benefit. . . wish i could be in ny this weekend!
my question: i had a friend a few years back who grew the most amazing wheatgrass(i've never seen more taken care of and loved trays!)and that was the only wheatgrass i've been able to stomach. . . every other shot i've had from anywhere else makes me feel really sick. I keep trying because I know it's so super healthy, and I read a few places that the lack of chlorophyll in your body can make you react this way to wheatgrass (because it's so concentrated) but I've been eating live food for two years and green smoothies, and feel like that shouldn't really be an issue. . . any thoughts or similar experience to that?

And yes, we do write the story. I love that.
Have so much fun at dinner. . . I've been thinking about the Pecan Layer Cake- it'll have to wait until next time!