Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Manifestations and Scott McGuire

I was doing some grocery shopping with my good friend E tonight, and we were at the Fairway Market on 74th and Broadway. Upstairs is the organic area...I took him there to show him the bulk section and the great olives that they have there. So upstairs, I see organic hachiya persimmons on sale...$.99 each...oh yeah...thats right..ORGANIC baby! $1!!! Usually $2-$4! And these little sweeties were PLUMP! Loving it!!

I think I bought 6 or in about 3 days its gonna be......!!! Oh god...this is what excites me? Hmmm...definitely a bad sign.

Well...I manifested organic persimmons, so that was a plus.

And on to the 2nd topic...

Scott McGuire is my new hero.

Who is he?

This guy set up an amazing backyard sustainability system...he really knows his stuff and its all so practical. He hasnt even been at this place for a year. It really inspires me to do something likewise. He still has alot of projects to work on, but it looks pretty good already in that video. And what's best is that he educates the public and children especially, and just asks for donations. We need more of these people in the world. Check it out if you have a little free time.

My agency gave their blessings for me to take the time off next spring and summer and build my Home-Sustainability project in Minnesota. I really thought I was going to have to choose one over the other, but they said that they would still like to have me on the team even if I was away for some time. I dont know what I would decide to do after the first season of the project, but its all good of course.

Hong Kong in one month! FRESH DURIAN and MANGOSTEEN!

David Wolfe's Charity for Chocolate is going on Sunday at 8pm...I'll be there...will you? Raw Cacao sample bonanza! Bring your ziplock bags!! KIDDING!!! I DID NOT SAY THAT!



Lovingraw said...

Ziplock in hand.. see you Sunday!

Doug said...

I live in Sunny California, it was so beautiful yesterday! OMG, it felt like it was 78 degrees. I stepped out of my cube and took a walk to soak up the sun's rays. (Someday, I hope to change my career and get out of this corporate office environment, but that is a different story for another time.) I've been thinking a lot about my backyard and how much cultivated grass I have! Too much. I hate mowing my lawn. I want to plant some fruit trees as well as figure out a way to have an awesome garden. Thanks for the all the links you provide! I've gotten a lot out of your blog. Thanks again for posting. Charity for chocolate sounds like a good time. Too bad I'm on the opposite coast! Oh yeah, I'm planning on opening our home to host a rawfood pot luck either in December or January. Cheers!

wyldegirl said...

hey anthony- perfect timing with your persimmon and raw honey posts. . . as i'm recovering slowly from an impacted wisdom tooth extraction and have been savoring Really Raw Honey by the spoonful, with the capping of propolis, honeycomb and pollen (used to soothe, protect and heal wounds, etc.). . ..

and letting the perfect flesh of organic persimmons slide down my throat (one of the only things besides banana ice cream and soups that taste good right now!) and it's making the pain a bit more bearable.

it's completely true that what you think about, you bring about. The Secret definitely changed my life a bit, more to just put into words what i had always thought. . . a bit corny i agree and too materialistic but the overall message was good and if that's what it takes to get to into the mainstream psyche, then i'm all for it.

despite the sore jaw, i'm headed to nyc saturday morning through monday evening. . . and am so looking forward to cramming my favorite things into a few days- pure food and wine, quintessence, moma, marc jacobs, prada, butik, moma, a custom neighborhoodie while i wait. . . the list goes on, and i'm already planning what i'll be indulging in at pure food and wine!
cheers, jenny

Anonymous said...

first off this is in reply to jennys comment- quintessence is a embarrasment to the raw food scene and the chef/ owner is a subway flasher that ejaculates into all their unsprouted nut / acidic / just cause Its labeled raw does not mean its healthy / greed based nonorganic dishes anyway. Second for the 40 suggested donation believe i am bringing a shopping bag with me!

raw by default said...

Charity for Chocolate sounds delicious. Years ago, I went with a group of friends to a "Death by Chocolate" event, where we got to sample a whole bunch of delectable chocolate creations. But this sounds so much better! Raw chocolate AND a charity function? Awesome.

prinsesskat said...

your funny=) haha

Jessica said...

Charity for Chocolate
My friend Vanessa is donating some of her to die for raw chocolate treats you must try...check out her web site She Is AWESOME
if you do happen to see her (ha:) tell her jessica from texas says hi!

Bliss out

wyldegirl said...

to anonymous. . . completely in shock regarding the quintessence comments. . . i have never heard anything like it, what's up with that? very curious as to where this comes from and it really saddens me if it's true.

gregory todd said...

Im surprised you let THAT comment through.

Quintessence is a great raw food restaurent,
with integrity. Dan is a talented raw chef.

Poeple make mistakes. Many learn from them and go on to be better humans. Lets be a compassionate community.

: )

Anthony said...

Hey guys...yeah that Quintessence comment was obviously super-unevolved and Im ashamed that trolls like that are on this least insult with intelligence!

I like Quintessence, the food is good, and they are the only ones that do good raw indian chana saag. They have this raw cashew-chai tea as well, that will blow minds. They could operate the store on drinks like that all by themselves.

I only block out spammer comments, and I even let people talk trash about me and Ill post it, so I have to be open about it.

DOUG - Keep us posted on your yard transformation...let's make this a big change in the way we want our green spaces...

Persimmons...sliding..down throat...oh my god.

raw by default said...

Sorry if you've mentioned it somewhere before, but I was just wondering about your sustainability project. Is this something that you plan on doing all year round, or will it be more of a warm-weather thing (as in living on the land while the food is growing and being harvested)?

Raw Troll said...

This speaks for itself