Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Birds....Bees...and Jesus???

Too Much of a Good Thing

This weekend, I overindulged both on honey, and bee pollen. This health food store near my apartment was having a 20% off sale on all their merchandise, so I picked up some items to try.

The honey was pretty good. $10 for the pound. I ate .5lbs on saturday, and .5lbs on Sunday. You would be amazed at how fast you can eat a pound of honey if you place it nearby you with a spoon. This variety...I was hoping it was going to be more creamy and fragrant...it was ok, but not what I really expected for some reason.

The pollen though...NOT good. There is fresh pollen, and there is this pellet-like garbage. It was crunchy, and Ive had pollen so soft before it would just fall apart in your hand. That is fresh. Like that point where its still moist. Thats magic. This...was a joke. At $11.29 a lb, I didnt feel it was a huge rip-off, but just find the fresh and hopefully local stuff and pay the $13-15 its worth, even more if you have to...just dont go crazy on it. 1/4 cup a day MAX. Spread out the love...

So...how would we get the freshest honey and especially for me...POLLEN ever? Buy a hive and raise bees yourself! Right? I realized that this could be an integral part of the permaculture concept. They are pollinators of the fruit trees and other berries and fruits, and they can produce those easily stored superfoods. And one family could probably get enough pollen in one day to last many months. Im really excited about this idea. Ive been looking online and doing my research and it seems that a person could get started raising bees for about $150. Read up on it and see if it could work for you. Sure, it would be easy just to buy the honey or pollen from someone else who already knows what they are doing, but remember the purpose that they serve as pollinators to your landscape. Its a good balance, and worth thinking about.

Check out a good site for getting started with bees

...I havent bought anything yet though.

Its the same with chickens. They just dont give you eggs and milk...oh wait..flesh? Um.. or just eggs?..anyways...

I would just raise chickens for egg production because my father and friends would still want to eat the eggs and Id prefer that they were stress-free, highly-mineralized, cage-free eggs instead of the frankenstein-rubbish they are selling these days.

Here is a chicken site I found.

We are looking specifically for chickens that lay very good BROWN eggs...its so great that you get to pick and choose. I read about a guy in Brooklyn, NY that was raising chickens in his backyard, so maybe you can too.

AND...the chickens do duties like covert bugs, weeds, and waste like kitchen scraps or lawn clippings into manure which goes into your compost piles. Its the same as putting up a bat-house...the bats that live inside come out at night and will eat thousands of mosquitoes so you dont have to spray chemicals everywhere and on your skin and your kid's skin. Work with nature!!!

Question of the day:

euclase said...

Hello Anthony,
I enjoy reading your blog. Great posting always.
I was reading some of your old postings and back in June you talked about quantum physics when you are discussing our body being the temple for our soul. I thought it was interesting and you are def. not the only one who approach diet and spirituality from that angle. I know very little on the subject of quantum physics so could you recommend any books or articles for beginners like me? Thank you and you sound/look very RAWsome!


Hi Euclase. Very original name, right? My first time ever hearing. Very cool though.

Ok, I think I would recommend three books, and another that comes highly recommended to me but which ive yet to read.

This is tough...

For quantum physics? Someone out there is gonna be upset no matter what. I guess as a wide beginning I would recommend "The Field". You know whats the best way to find out about good books is to go to amazon.com and search for Quantum Physics, and just start looking at overall reviews and narrow it down. Check out the movie "What the Bleep do We Know" (if the storyline becomes really too cheesy for you and the polka scene seems LIKE IT WILL NEVER FRIGGIN' END....just stick through it. Its worth it. Even the Secret. True, a bit materialistic for me at times...but the concepts are true. Just use your powers to manifest positive change in the world and the minds of others, not fancy-ass mansions and $100,000 cars.

I also loved the book series called "Conversations with God". I found that those writings changed the whole way I see how this world works. It helped me to realize who I REALLY am, and who you REALLY are. (Answer? The same "individual"...in different temporary expressions)

I loved it. And when I was listening to the Steve Adler interview on We Like It Raw, he mentioned a book called "Love without End...Jesus Speaks". The reviews for this book are excellent, so i will likely read this within the next few months.

Dont get me wrong, Im not some Christian telling people to read just Christianity stuff. All teachings can be great or flawed. Be sure to read "Autobiography of a Yogi" as well...


Going crazy in the city...GRASPing for clean air...


Rachel said...

What's up Anthony,

Thanks for the positive comments on my new blog. I'm finding it really enjoyable to write.

I cracked up when I read about you eating the pound of honey. Well done. I think there should be prizes or something...ding ding ding! We have a winner!

I also just love your whole permaculture plan. I need to get out of this city (Chicago) too. Going on raw foods seems to awaken that call of the wild or something.

Oh, and CWG was life-altering for me too when I read it a couple years ago. I recently discovered Abraham-Hicks too. As far as physics, I remember enjoying The Tao of Physics when I read it in college. For me, quantum physics is key to the whole spirituality puzzle.

I'm currently trying to work out some ideas regarding the law of attraction and my reservations about it. I recorded a few of these thoughts but am not sure how to post the audio on my blog. I'm researching it on google, but if you or anyone knows how, please let me know.

Thanks, and have a good one!


raw by default said...

Crunchy bee pollen? Ewwww! I hope it at least tasted all right, even if the texture wasn't that great.

True about that scene in "What the Bleep"... too long and too corny. But the overall message was good. I was a little put off by the Ramtha stuff, though. I'm not sure what I think about JZ Knight...

I've read some of the CWG books, as well as a whole bunch of other stuff (that kind of got me some flack when I mentioned it on my old blog a few years ago... you can't please everybody!). I actually just posted on my blog about this cool book that I read recently. It's not about quantum physics, but it might be the sort of thing you'd be interested in. :)

William said...

Hey Anthony! Regarding "What The Bleep.." I agree that the drama portion with Marlee Matlin is pretty heavy handed, but if you get the new version called the "Down The Rabbit Hole" on DVD, it's 3 DVDs, with over SIX HOURS of additional interviews, along with the original film.
Now that's good viewing. You can get it on amazon for about $20.

mona said...

i have a green smoothie question... i have a killer juicer and make green juice every morning but ive read so many good things about how the fiber in smoothies makes them even better than juices. so... i tried making a green smoothie this morning (i don't have a vitamix unfortunately) and i found that the consistency wasn't smooth at all even though i blended like crazy (the smoothie pretty much needed chewing because of all the celery and kale fibers) and if that's how smooties are then no thank you. so is this normal that the smoothie is like this or does a vitamix really make it silky smooth and completely homogenized???

Courtney Pool said...

CWG is my favorite ever.

Natasha said...

Shanti Mona,

I just wanted to say that I tried the kale bit the other day as well. (I just had an Oyster blender on hand.)It basically required chewing as well. I have never tried a Vitamix myself, but I must say that spinich seems to blend fairly well in a regular ol' blender. :o)


alissa said...

hi anthony

i love reading your blog. i'm really into your permaculture plan and am looking forward to seeing how it unfolds.

i live in minnesota too. my boyfriend is a record producer and we are trying to figure out where to move his studio. (he just got booted out of his building to make room for a new stadium).

so i'm trying to talk him into doing a permaculture studio!

he's not really buying it yet though...


Jennifer said...

hey anthony, thanks for the tip re Y.S. Organics bee pollen. i recently bought a package of local bee pollen and was thinking to try Y.S. next but you just confirmed to me that i should not...the one i'm using now is EXACTLY how you described the "good stuff"...soft, damp, fragrant, like flowers. definitely an acquired taste. at first i was sprinkling it on my raw granola and nut milk but nowadays i just eat it by the spoonful...mmm...i've also heard that it's best for the immune system to eat local pollen and i think Y.S. comes from brazil...just a thought. BLESS!

raw by default said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. I should read that one, since I'm not working at the moment and I really should be getting more joy out of it. Hehehe...

Jessica said...

an interesting blog for you
Very mind stirring...Bill Harris was in the secret. Also check out his Masters of the Secret FREE audios they are great, I think you can get to them some how from the blog or his site? I use his holosync cd's too and find them to be very helpful.