Sunday, November 11, 2007

Reasons for Rawness

I know that I've stated some reasons as to why I live this lifestyle. Some more were coming into my mind, so I thought I shouldd do an updated list so any new people out there can get a fresh look at it.

So...why do all of this?

1. I don't eat dead animals. Therefore my body is no longer a graveyard for the corpses of stressed and murdered beings. How does this really sound? Talk about bad energy going into your body.

2. Since I don't eat dead animals, they cannot leave deposits of their cholesterol and toxins in my body. My blood flows easily and pure. You will never see them pulling strings of cholesterol out of me when Im older. Think of the money and stressed saved right there!

3. I'm no longer contributing to the madness which is industrial agriculture. The toxins, the petrol-based fertilizers, the GREED. This system has devoured our forests and sprayed our topsoils with mixtures unimaginable. And all the food and water that goes into these poor animals before they are dismembered and devoured is appalling. 40 gallons of water for one pound of beef. Is it worth it???? Id much rather have the water. This HAS to stop, but for now, no more for me.

4. By eating only raw plant-based food, my garbage practically goes to ZERO. I can throw my food scraps and juice pulp in the garden or compost pile, and I reuse bags when I shop from the farmer's market.

5. I dont have to bake, fry, steam, boil, sautée, blanch, BLAH BLAH BLAH...ANYMORE. And no scrubbing greasy buildup off of pans (and off my arteries). I dont have to buy a microwave or even a stove and oven. And think of all the ancient stuff in my cupboards that I can throw away now! Im now telling myself as Im going through everything..."I was planning to eat THAT someday?" Holy shit! Haha...

6. Because my diet is cleaner and fresher, the nutrients within it can be absorbed much easier. Edestin, found in hemp seed, is the most easily-absorbed form of protein. All you guys and gals out there drinking whey protein are definitely not "in-the-know". Plant-based protein! Learn about it before you think it cant work for you...just goes to show how small-minded people can be. And look at my pics...I have to look good in order to get paid, so I take it really seriously. Raw plant protein is the way to go.

7. This diet (lots of green leaves included) is basically depression-proof. I feel so happy and clear about things when my blood is alkaline. This can only be achieved by fasting or being on a raw food diet. I am trying to consume about 5 lemons a day in my green smoothies now as well. So alkaline!

8. I simply get to eat the best food ever. I'm not joking. The idea of 'treating' myself with some big cooked dish compared to a decadent living-food dish isnt even present at all in my mind. Its all about the savory raw dishes for me now. Really go all out for it and give/make yourself the best living food ever for you and your loved ones. Get good recipes and do it wont regret it.

So...ethically, heath-wise, and resource/waste-wise...the LIVING FOODS DIET is the champ. Unless you can sungaze and live off of of luck. I've yet to try, so I can't comment. HRM
deserves much due respect though. get what I'm saying. This diet is the best for the body because it IS the best for the earth. We are getting back to where we need to be, and the Universe is showing us that we are taking the right steps.

9. And on top of that, the spirituality factor is a major tool against the ills of our society. I've felt more at peace than ever before, and the thought of stealing from someone or hurting another with nasty words or violence is really out of the question. I still say some things that offend people, but its just my current truth. To live in full truth is supreme freedom. Im not there yet, but I hope to be one day in this lifetime. I've just never felt the "oneness" or "connectedness" feelings so intensely as when Im on a 100% living foods diet (with loads of greens, mind you). The feeling of one spirit was never so strong as when I became raw-vegan. I dont know if its a shortcut of sorts, or all in my head, but it amazes me that spiritual leaders can really feel whats going on and not be living-foodists. Anyone with me on this? Any full 99%-100% people with me on this?

Living Foods are really where its at. I can't go back now, even if I wanted to. When I tried before for a few days, my body would be sending me big red lights as to why I should stop immediately.
Its just so damn obvious that I can't argue about it with myself even a little bit in my mind.

And #10! - All of evolutionary biology reinforces it too, as well as primate studies. We are the strange off-shoot of evolution that wishes to cook our food and enslave the rest of life on Earth. I'm being dark though...we have SO much light on the side of life now...and ultimately we can only win. Failure doesnt even exist, only sustained victories.

So anytime you are having doubts, or some carnivorous beast is giving you a hard time about your diet choices...keep these reasons in mind.

Next up...joining forces with bees.


raw by default said...

That's a great list. The spirituality factor is something that's really important to me (though I'm having trouble grasping it in more than an intellectual way at the moment). I wonder how people can claim to be truly spiritual and connected to the rest of the universe when they're eating a living creature that was killed for their consumption!

As for living off of sunlight and air... heh, heh. I've often thought that would be nice. But if that was how we were supposed to get our nutrients, we wouldn't have our complex digestive systems. Come to think of it, we'd probably be plants...

satya said...

Hey Anothny! How much protein do you get in day when you are working out? And how do you get it? I've been looking for a raw protein powders and the ones I've Seen usually top at around 11-13 grams of hemp protein. Which just doesnt seem like much. Any tips or ideas on how to put on weight while raw? I've been raw now for about 10 days and have absolutely loved it! Thank you for inspiring me with this blog of yours. However, along with continuing to be raw I would like to put on a few pounds and increase my strength to get back into rock climbing. Any tips? Thanks and keep spreading the vibes!

Michelle J said...

Hi Anthony, thanks for your very relavent post. Unlike Satya who is trying to gain weight i am hoping eating raw will enable me to shed some weight. I am not fat by any means but i can stand to lose a few. Viewing your before and after pics gives me hope in that area! I've been eating persimmons, love them! Not so sure about a durian. I read that it has a bad smell. Is this true? I would like to try it though. Thanks again! Also, waiting for my green blue algae, vitamineral green and aloe vera juice!

derek said...

A thought provoking list for sure and I enjoyed reading it. Did just a quick look around, it seems that we have some of the same ideas/values. I'll definitely be checking back when I have more time.

wyldegirl said...

great list!
and my interest is very piqued about joining forces with bees. . .

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euclase said...

Hello Anthony,
I enjoy reading your blog. Great posting always.
I was reading some of your old postings and back in June you talked about quantum physics when you are discussing our body being the temple for our soul. I thought it was interesting and you are def. not the only one who approach diet and spirituality from that angle. I know very little on the subject of quantum physics so could you recommend any books or articles for beginners like me? Thank you and you sound/look very RAWsome!


Alaskan Raw Foodist said...

Hey Anthony! First let me start off by saying that you are an inspiration to many. You've shown that success and a responsible lifestyle can be congruently achieved. That's great!
Here is something that I have been pondering for a long time. Would you say, more than likely, that many of the early human gatherers were also scavengers. If this is true, meat of course would not be a big part of their diet. However, perhaps they gathered eggs in the spring time. Do you know anything about the possible health effects of raw eggs in a raw food diet? Thanks for you time.


P.S. I live in Alaska. So your message is definitely reaching people.

Becca said...

My brother asked via his own blog how we (his audience) thought we could get to peace as a society and I commented that through living and raw foods, peace would simply BE there and we wouldn't have to GET anywhere. When I eat primarily raw, I don't have to DO anything, I'm already everything I need to be and the doing part just comes without thought. So, I agree with the comment about spiritual leaders needing to at least TRY raw foods to see how much more (of life) is available to them.
Thanks for your blog. YOU ROCK. Still.