Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Fine Line

The Fine Line Between Ultra-Health and "Decent"

This past week, I've taken a vacation of sorts. I stayed in alot, watched documentaries, read articles, wrote stuff, did a little bit of stretching..etc. However, I was eating really late, and despite still eating raw organic, I was eating alot of nuts and dried fruits late at night, and it really knocked me off balance.

There is the proverbial "10 lbs" that stays on people. They want to lose it, but to lose that last ten, and reach "uber" health, you have to go back to nature in regards to your diet, and be really active.

My prime is 165. I can see definition, I feel like and my legs are not stiff. When I go back to my old eating habits, and lack of real strenuous exercise, I go back to 175. This is what happened to me this past week. I was so annoyed. Im thinking to myself...I eat RAW, VEGAN, and ORGANIC and still ride bike and walk around everywhere and i STILL gained 10 pounds?!?!

I was pissed. So today I had some rice dream mint fudge and some falafels. I had been raw since early june, but after the large amounts of coconuts and eating the fruit late at night, I lost the raw food high that I was experiencing in May and June.

Im going back to it, probably now I suppose. Its Sunday evening, so I could still technically go and have something sinful but Im honestly pretty satisfied. Curious as to what I had?

1 falafel at Chickpea. It was 3pm and they gave me chickpeas that had been sitting in the basket for a while. It tasted great and wasnt dry at all, but it was pretty cold. Oh well.

1 slice of ricotta cheese pizza. A little dry and i really could have gone for some marinara sauce. If I were to do that again, I would order two slices, bring them home and make a good marinara with sundried and fresh GOOD tomatoes. Then warm it up or just put it on top of the warm pizza.

Great, now Im giving food tips on pizza.

And then the pint of Soy Mint Fudge Ice Cream and a Rice Dream Moonpie. Both were excellent. No need for dairy ice cream. Really.

But that was it. I was so full afterwards. Im used to chewed up fruit and green juice and green smoothie. Now it was all this stuff mixed together. Although Im not really feeling all that bad. My face is puffy from the bad carbs and late night eating, but otherwise I feel ok.

I have a bridal shoot on Thursday, so I figure it will be a good time to test a cleanse. I havent cleansed since...mid march? No....I would say November. So I'll do four days of water...grapefruits...and cucumbers. All really cleansing, and I will juice as much green leafy veg and I can get my hands on.

This, together with morning pre-breakfast elliptical and nighttime workouts, should show some quick results. Whenever I get hungry, Im just gonna fill up on my three staples.

That last ten know what it takes. Mostly RAW, Dont eat late, and be ACTIVE.

So we all have our ups and downs. Just keep making those "downs" further and further apart. I live alone at the moment, because my love lives across the world in Hong Kong, so it can be tough at times. But focus on the positives always! We here in the western world have had lives that Royalty would have killed for 100 years ago.

Hopefully though those luxuries haven't made us irreversibly weak. I plan on doing a lot more camping in the late summer and early fall. I have a strong longing to get back to nature. Living in this city and being inside alot can really change a person. Fresh air and sunlight! We now live in an environment that is really SOOOO recent in the history of our experience here. We have evolved in nature...and now we are in these mega-metropolises.

So lets do our best to reconnect to nature. For our own sake and the sake of our only home!
And if you fall off the horse with diet ? What do you do? YOU GET BACK ON THE HORSE. Persistence wins every time!

I'll post again on Thurs.

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