Saturday, September 8, 2007

Get back in the Game Rawmodel

The New Year has begun

Most people assume the new year starts in January. Maybe so, according to this calendar that some people made up a long time ago. But in reality, the year of our lives begins again in Sept. Late summer is the end of the work year. So in that frame of mind, lets start the new year off right.

I have to be honest with all of you. Rawmodel wasnt so raw the past couple of weeks. I was invited out to eat quite alot, and in order to not alienate myself and to just feel "normal" again in this crazy world, I gave in and had a pretty good time while I was at it.

In that aspect it was worth it, however, I did pay a price. My mind was slower, my sleep MUCH longer. When I was full raw with lots of greens, I was waking up fully energized after only 4 hours of sleep. Now, its about 8hrs, in late august it was around 10hrs. Can you believe that?

When you pollute your body cooked foods, it drains energy from you. Your body is busy breaking down everything, and it saps you of your vitality. I also felt mildly depressed too. Just sad and down for some reason...focusing on the bad things in life...very unlike me. After just 2 days of eating fresh melons and green juice, I felt really happy again, even smiling as I was walking down the street just because I felt so good.

So there is a give and take here. The optimal choice would be to create or join into social circles where raw food is the norm. And if for some reason you have to eat cooked food or even animal products, try and do it earlier in the day and balance it out with alot of green leaves. Your recovery will be much quicker. You want to enjoy life though, and if that means fitting in with your friends and family, then that is a choice you will have to make. I just feel SO alive and alert when I am full raw...I want every second to be like that, and I get mad when I feel like Im sacrificing my social life in order to keep that feeling. Wine is raw though...

I apologize for the absence of posts lately. If anyone is reading this...I assure you that its business as usual again and there will be posts at least twice a week.

Next plans for the upcoming year, and my thoughts on the future of life in the good ol' USA.

Much Love


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