Thursday, August 2, 2007


we may all have to become raw vegans anyways.

I have to admit that Ive been indoors too much lately. However, I have been trying to keep active by riding my bike to castings and doing push-ups and sit-ups in my room. I have a great idea for a training routine. Get this...

1. 10 Regular Push-ups...hand spaced a little farther than usual.

2. Then right after that, without stopping, you flip over and do 15 Crunches.

3. Then right after that, without stopping , you go back into push-up mode, but this time you do the "diamond-cutter" push ups with your hands directly in front of you, with the tips of your index fingers and thumbs forming the shape of a diamond. Try and do ten of these. If its too much, go from your knees and do it slow so you can feel it in your triceps and lower pectorals. 10 of them.

4. Back over this time, and do 10 leg raises. Put your hands wherever they feel comfortable, and slowly raise your feet, legs straight out, and focus on your lower abdominal area. 10 of these.

That is the circuit. You get main chest, with #1, then main stomach with #2, then lower chest and triceps with #3 and finally lower abdomials with#4.

Then try and do as many of these until you really feel the burn. I was amazed at how difficult it was. By my second round my heart was really beating. This could be something good. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Food idea. A great smoothie for summer. 1 Cucumber, 1 Grapefruit, a handful of Goji Berries. Add water if you have to, add agave nectar or another natural sweetener to bring up the sugar content. Ive found the gojis to really sweeten it up alot, along with a nice pink grapefruit, but the agave can make it really nice too.

Or substitute peaches or nectarines instead of grapefruits to keep it more local to your area. That's a nice thing to try and do for a while in the summer. Eat nothing but local foods available by season. Its alot harder than you would imagine. Done with a friend though, it could be really fun. See what you can do with it.

Because unfortunately (or perhaps ultimately, very fortunately) our entire way of life here in the United States is coming to an end because of PEAK OIL. The United States peaked sometime in the late 60's, and the world is due to peak in 2010. Perhaps sooner because the demand keeps going up. After that, oil is going to be harder to drill for, and become less and less in the amount produced with each passing day. The middle east is the only region that hasn't peaked yet, and the survival of our entire oil-fueled society depends on it. That is why we are in the Middle East. We secured oil fields before we secured government buildings in Iraq. Our way of life simply cannot, and will not continue.

Think about your food. Where does it come from? It arrives from an oil-fueled vehicle, and usually from an oil-fueled boat. When gas becomes $10 a gallon (or even $6!) we wont have imports anymore. I think its all going to have to become very local, and it would be very wise to start preparing for ways to get it from ourselves. If you can, I would plant fruit trees around you. Most people in suburban America have enough space for a few fruit trees. And learn how to grow your own vegetables. I think we are going to have to take care of ourselves...just look at Hurricane Katrina, and then multiply it by 1000 to infinity. The Government doesn't have the power (or even desire) to help regular and poor people. The numbers are just too big, and the house of cards is just too tall.

Get solar, and start using electricity wisely. It ultimately affects your pocketbook and everything else. And its takes 10 lbs of vegetables to produce 1lb of beef. Look at where our water is going. We are growing crops to feed animals. Once tractors can no longer run though, will all that be able to continue? Who could ship the milk out? Remember, gas is going to be REALLY high, so what vehicles will still be able to operate? It wouldn't be cost effective. Everything around us is because of cheap oil, and that is going to be gone soon, so we are going to have to deal with it.

Look into what Cuba had to go through when the Soviet Union collapsed. This was their Sugar Daddy...going down for the count...all that cheap fuel and food was no more. There was a time where people were starving. Everyone was riding bikes around. Then they quickly started learning home agriculture. Rooftop gardens became common. The local farmers who were raising animals before started shifting the land to more varied crops. No more monoculture. They became healthier and became more independent. To know that you can take care of yourself, whether you are a country or an individual, is an empowering thing. As a country, we are VERY dependent on others.

So please...start educating yourself about this. This is one of the reasons I bought that small piece of property in upstate New York. Make sure you have some kind of food source and fresh water. Our power plants still run on fossil fuels. I don't think there is enough time to switch over when it comes to big industries.


One more food tip and I'm done for the day. I'm going to put on the Ipod and do laps around Central Park. Its a great day outside, and its already 2:37.

In regards to preparation, I would also invest in a comfortable bike with a nice little bike trailer. Just imagine having to reconnect with your family...who is 1000 miles away...via BICYCLE. Could you imagine?

Here's the recipe. 2 ingredients. Try and keep them equal in size or shift it so its either more sweet or more creamy.

1 avocado

1 peach. (or pear, or fresh (or re-hydrated) figs)

So creamy...a nice mellow sweetness. Not too much, but balanced so nice by the creamy avocado, which you can't even really taste because the fruit is stronger.

Food processor works really nice for this, or if you have a strong blender that can deal with pudding and thicker smoothies, then this is great too.

Seriously everyone...all we might be eating one day is vegetables. Who wants to go kill a cow when you run out of meat? Wouldn't it be easier to just eat fruits and salads?

More to come soon...


Anonymous said...

i will try to try the exercise routine as i don't really have convenient access to a gym. i will try and back to you in a month.

please keep blogging.


VegantoRAW said...

The workout circuit is amazing! Since my leg is broken, this is one circuit that I actually am able to do. I put my broken leg on top of my good one for the push-ups and it works out well. I can feel myself getting stronger...even with my ailment.
Thank you!