Sunday, June 10, 2007

Our Bodies are the Temples for Our Souls

Our Bodies are the Temples of Our Soul

Souls are tricky business. Are they real? Are we merely our brain and body? Or is our identity something more...something deeper and older than that?

I used to be a materialist, and by that I don't mean that I liked to go shopping all the time. I mean that I used to believe that all that there was, was physical...material. Nothing deeper. What we see is what we get. The idea that our minds hold our sense of self, and our bodies are the vehicles we use to live and reproduce.

But after studying more about quantum physics and energy, and experiencing very deep feelings of wonder and emotion while I was in nature or doing something I loved, I came to believe that who I am is timeless. That who I really am, and who we really are, is something unrestricted by time and space. I now believe that we choose a temporary vessel to experience physical life and to define who we really are, and that we can keep doing this as many times as we desire. We can choose to be a part of "The One" on the metaphysical plane, or we can have another go at it and return to the physical level to play the game yet again.

To get to the point, this lead to the conclusion that our bodies house our spiritual essence. They are temporary carbon units that we choose to inhabit in order to experience existence here in the physical world. The body is the temple that houses you and me. While we are here, we are limited in many ways by what this "body suit" can do for us. So by our actions, we must do whatever we can to open up all chances for reaching optimum potential. For the time, we are Triune beings....Mind-Body-Soul. So why would we treat any part of us with less care than a new automobile?

Would you throw trash into a temple? Would you knowingly do this? I had the excuse of ignorance up until a few years ago, but now that I know, I can't consciously harm myself anymore. Now to me, damaging myself on the inside is equal to purposely damaging myself on the outside - Completely out of the Question.

The healthier the body is, the freer you are to live and create and to define yourself. Every bite you take is a definition of how you feel about yourself and who you really are. And to say that you can't have a fun time without eating bad food is laughable. If we lived in a society where we all ate juicy tropical fruits and defined it as "fun" that would be the definition we would still carry with us to this day. Our idea of "fun foods" in this society is processed candy, cakes, bread, hot dogs, and soda. So we go through life, trying to be healthy but keep getting pulled back into bad eating habits because we "WANT TO LIVE A LITTLE". Ironic, right?

But the question is, now that we are more mature and can think beyond what we were taught as children, will we still associate those fun and loving feelings with those foods? Or can we finally break free and make new definitions? Will reaching peak potential with our bodies and mind become the #1 priority? And know this without a doubt..the mind is controlled by the food as much as the body. I feel tired and mentally fuzzy when I went back to bad foods after being on a diet of living plant foods. I could really tell. I would walk down the street and feel like styrofoam was lining the inside of my skull. Memory, mental stamina, and learning have all been directly connected to diet.

Despite all the digressions in this post, the main point is that we must love every part of ourself and rise above the conditioning we have been subjected to by the junk food industries all of our lives. Realizing that our bodies are the temple of God (or the life-force, or whatever you wish to call it) leads to feelings of gratefulness and love, and we realize that we must cherish our gift and use it wisely...otherwise we (our souls) will depart much sooner and look for something better to do, because with a tired and sick body, there really isn't much time for creating and LIVING.

And tell me that eating the Chocolate Mint Pudding pictured above (which is, by the way, Raw...Vegan...and Organic) wouldn't be fun. Its time to truly love ourselves on a deeper level. Every second we define who we are. Every waking moment each morning is a chance for re-definition and re-creation. You can be and do what you did yesterday, or if you choose (and it is YOUR choice) to be something new. Something more advanced. Something further evolved. Its time to take the next step and make that choice, and diet is a major part of it, because we are what we eat. Eat foods that are free of poison and factory of greed and murder. Eat foods that vibrate on a higher frequency and soon you will be vibrating on a higher frequency.

"For of the fruits of the trees and the seeds of the earth alone do I partake, and these are changed by the Spirit into my flesh and my blood. Of these alone and their like shall ye eat who believe in me, and are my disciples, for of these, in the Spirit, come life and health and healing unto man." - Jesus of Nazareth as quoted from the Essene Gospel of Peace


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Deika said...


I have been reading your entire blog when free in the evenings this week. I saw you featured on Heidi and Justin's blog raw food right now. I want you to know that I am truly inspired by what you write. I have the food part down, its the exercise bit I am struggling with. However since going raw in April this year, my life has changed radically. I love your writing. Blessings xxoxo Dea

Aiko said...

Fantastic! Have you read any of Fred Alan Wolf's books? I use to be a huge fan of his and immersed myself in his books for years.