Saturday, June 9, 2007

I am Here, I am Now.

I am Here...I am Now.

Lately my thoughts have been getting the best of my attention. Normally I would say this is great, but it has kept me from fully being in the present. My mind is always off somewhere contemplating my latest interest. Instead, I should be fully involved in whatever I'm participating in at the current moment. We have to be here in the now, because the past and the future are merely constructions of our minds. All we have, and all we will ever have, is the present moment. So why not be fully involved in it?

Im wondering how I will tie this into ideas about diet. Maybe it will drift that way, perhaps it wont. I feel like writing about focus. Being fully conscious and aware...compared to being off in la-la land while life is passing before our eyes.

I was listening to my French audio lessons last night on the way back from Miami, and my thoughts kept drifting off to this new business that I would like to create soon. I was completely missing the French lesson. Then it occurred to me: I said, "While I'm listening to French, I will focus on nothing but French. Otherwise I shouldn't be wasting my time." It would simply be better to turn off the iPod and give my mind the focus that it desires. Otherwise I should make the choice to save these thoughts for when I'm laying in bed or walking around, or sitting at my desk with a pen in hand. THEN I will focus on the business ideas. Another example - While I'm reading, I shouldn't be thinking about what kind of smoothie I'm going to make for lunch....contemplating whether to use mango or peaches...what is that?

FOCUS. We have to be loyal to what we decide to participate in, and by doing so we reap so much more from our efforts. If something is worth doing, or reading, or paying attention to, its worth doing it right.

A big problem of the modern age that I've noticed is multi-tasking. In small efficient doses this is great. But when we juggle all these different tasks, we tend to do them all with mediocrity instead of doing a few select things, and pursuing them with excellence.

"Do Few Things, But Do Them Well" - St. Francis of Assisi

We just end up distracting ourselves while we are trying to do all these things at once. Spreading ourselves way too thin. The people we admire most usually are good at a select few things. Of course its good to be well rounded, but thats no excuse not to be exceptional in a few areas. And anyone that has a passion for learning and is in good physical shape can obviously be well-rounded.

Focus, Concentrate. Don't water yourself down, or clog your mind with mindless chatter. Take control of your thoughts, and observe them from a different viewpoint. Notice them entering your mind, like clouds floating over the horizon. Then choose to entertain those thoughts, or select to move on to something else. Something more positive and worthwhile. Your mind is a garden to cultivate. Pull out the weeds of distraction and negativity.

Another thought - french fries and soda might be vegan foods, but that doesn't mean they are healthy. Just because something is lacking animal products doesn't mean that they are all right. I would stay away from cooked oils and cooked starches (fried potatoes) and the toxic cocktail of soda much more than I would stay away from a piece of fish. The former foods are pure man-made nastiness. I think eating flesh supports cruelty, and fish do have a great deal of stored toxins in their bodies now, but at least its more natural than drinking carbonic acid and corn syrup.

The lovely dish pictured above is a hemp-coconut-cacao soup decorated with bee pollen. Here's how you make it.

1 Thai coconut, purchased from health food stores or preferably an asian market. (support the smaller vendors) Use the water and the white "meat" inside.

1 tbsp of Agave Nectar, or Raw Honey, or Preferably Yacon Root Syrup.

1/4 cup of Hempseed

1/4 cup of cacao nibs

Blend blend blend....easy easy easy.

Throw a healthy pinch of bee pollen and some whole cacao beans on top for extra flare and a rich blend of amino acids. The taste of the pollen goes quite well with the cacao.

More to come...I'll talk about food more next time, and some exercise tips...I promise!

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