Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yoga and the DIY Ethic

Yoga, and the DIY Ethic...

I've been occupied with alot lately. For not having a real job, I seem to keep myself wonderfully busy. Whether its picking berries in Central Park, working out at the gym, riding my bicycle through one of the best cities in the world, and lately even learning yoga...there is always something Im up to. And lets not mention tinkering around with food.

Ive been in overdrive making living food snack bars lately. Cacao Mint, Spicy Mango, Banana Bread, and Apple Pie are some of my latest creations. Ive been making samples for friends and the feedback is great.

The Yoga Ive been doing is at the Laughing Lotus Yoga Center on 21st St and 6th Ave. Such a lovely atmosphere and the teachers are really nice. Its much more spiritual than a regular gym yoga class, and I enjoy that aspect as well. I have to admit though, my body was soooo sore after two sessions. I was wrecked. Plus I was riding bike all the time and still going to the gym 3 hours a day, but still....that yoga worked parts of my body that hadn't been used in a long time. My legs especially, very sore.

I have a one week pass there, and to do an unlimited month there its $148. Since my do-it-yourself ethic is very strong, I think I'm going to learn the positions some more, and do alot of it at home. I purchased the Raw Yoga video from David Wolfe's online store, and I think that will get me through the day. $148? I could get a full month at Equinox Gym (the best in NYC probably) for that, and that would include pool and sauna. I'm making money, but I'm no fool. And I dont need the classes to keep up with it like alot of people.

Thats the funny thing about personal trainers. How people believe that they need them to stay motivated. That they need someone looking over their shoulder in order to stay productive. Sad and pathetic. These are the people that have to have a job or otherwise they would just sit on the couch all day. To be active without someone cracking the whip is a foreign concept to them. Be your own coach. Buy a book, learn it yourself, and do it yourself. Stop wasting money because you don't have the discipline to take care of yourself.

Just go to the gym on a regular basis and DO IT. By DO IT, I mean don't just sit around, actually work out. You will learn as you go. And if you get on the treadmill everyday, and start eating consciously, there is no way you won't be looking great in less than a month. To pay a trainer (who probably isn't even in great shape anyways) is a joke and an insult to your intelligence. You have a workout question? Ask someone in shape, or contact me. Take your money and buy some organic food or a success audio cd instead.

The Yoga is amazing though, and I would HIGHLY recommend adding into the daily routine of anyone. I would do yoga in the morning (if you don't lift weights) and then do an hour of treadmill after dinner. Or an hour of running in place or air-boxing in front of the TV if the gym is out of reach that late at night. If you lift weights, I would do the yoga either right before in the morning, or try to fit it in during the evening if you can. Or ROTATE....YES! Day 1,3,5, and 7 do Yoga, and 2,4,6 do Weights. That would be great. If you have the time do yoga everyday though.

Ok....long post. Get those greens in and just be active. Use the stairs, park a bit away from the supermarket and get that extra walk in...and always get that activity in after dinner. Air-boxing is your best bet, along with the standing stomach twists. Do these for 2 min and I guarantee you will feel your heart beating faster.

And just watch a movie while doing it, so you associate pleasure with working out, instead of pain. THIS IS KEY. This is the major reason for change. Connect feelings of pleasure to working out, any way you can. Either by listening to great music or audiobooks, or watching programs or movies you like. This will help so much.

Lots of support for all of you...



Joy said...


What kinda fruit is that in the pic?


Anthony said...

Hey Joy, those are juneberries and mulberries resting in a violet leaf. All three items are edible, and I picked them in Central Park NYC. Nature is a buffet!

Michelle said...


While I enjoy reading your blog, I found you to be pretty harsh on the personal trainer and their use in getting fit. I'm surprised you would be so judgmental. For me, after a serious illness and significant weight loss, my personal trainer, who I worked with for about four months, taught me how to exercise, motivated me enough to do it, taught me how to walk properly and got me on the right track. I now work out on my own and incorporate different things into my work out. But even though I don't work with him anymore my trainer's lessons and spirit still help me immensely.