Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Lifestyle of Pure Peace

A Lifestyle of Pure Peace

Peace is the child of Love. And when I realized that if I am to be a true practitioner of peace, I must extend it to all corners of my life. A since I practice my eating habits at least 3 times a day, this was something that had to be included.

I am completely against war and aggression. In the end, it will only bring more of the same. Wars cannot bring true peace. In the 20th Century and now still in the 21st Century, we have been shown this example. So if I am against violence and war and murder, how could I consciously support the extreme merciless violence against innocent animals?

As humans, shouldn't we have the compassion to see that killing innocent creatures and eating their flesh is somewhat wrong? Somehow grotesque and destructive? Especially since we have so many alternatives now, and that we are free from the bondage of our parent's culture?

And we are doing ourselves no favors by eating these animals. Before we become their tombs by eating their carcasses, they are drugged, fed horrible food, stressed beyond belief, then destroyed. And since we are what we eat, we consume all of that death and pain and fear. Not to mention all the toxins stored in their flesh from the food and drugs they are given.

Do we not love ourselves enough to nourish our bodies in the best possible way? Who fooled us into poisoning ourselves and supporting the death of millions of creatures everyday? Who? Is it not time for us to wake up from this nightmare and stop supporting this madness?

If you believe in PEACE, practice it on all levels. To pick and choose on what suits our habits is quite convenient, but when it comes to peace, we should be hardliners. Peace or War. Life or Death. Will you choose to eat death? Will you choose to eat cooked flesh? No matter how it is packaged, it has a history and that history is not pleasant. Love yourself enough to avoid this.

We are the Planet Earth. What is good for us, is good for the planet. When we eat a diet of living plant foods, we are promoting efficient resource use and peace towards all sentient beings on this planet. No chicken had its beak cut off to make my papaya-granola-blackberry breakfast. No veal calf was tied up in a box for a month to make my coconut smoothie.

Look deeper, and consciously act in a way that speaks of love and peace and life. Its one thing to be against war, but its completely another to live for pure peace. Would you eat your dog? In Korea and parts of China dogs are eaten. It is a part of the CULTURE. Same here...eating pigs and poultry and cows are a part of our CULTURE. FREE YOURSELF from the mindset you were raised in. Would you eat a dog? WHY NOT? Then why would you eat another animal? Spend days with a farm animal and you will realize that they are extremely sensitive and intelligent, especially pigs. (That is Ham and most of you out there). Would you eat dog bacon? Ask yourself - "Why do I believe the things that I believe?" Was it how you were raised? Old habits are hard to break, but once the truth is made clear, one cannot live happily against it.

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Yoga Lisa said...

thank you for your inspiration. I recently started a complete mind/body detox and am also raw fooding. Unfortunately, I also have a severe case of candida, and anything that creates sugar is a problem for me. My meals are all greens, as fruits and sweets are out of the question, at least for now. I am working with a raw food nutritionist, a yoga master, and an acupuncturist, who all are cheerleading me in my new lifestyle. So nice to see your blog and know that I'm not alone!