Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life of My 100% Raw Food Diet

This is how to maintain this lifestyle. It can be as easy as you want. Remember, you are the author of your reality, and since the pen is in your hand, you get to choose the story. You can make this hard for yourself, like giving excuses and reasons why you cannot achieve something. Or you can think again, and realize that anything is as easy or as complicated as you make it out to be. Let me help.

When I wake up, I like to drink a good amount of water. In my mind, this flushes out everything the body has stored while I was sleeping, and rehydrates my body. Usually 16 to 32 oz with lemon juice (fresh not bottled!) and some cayenne pepper. If you are inclined, add some agave nectar (raw-vegan), honey (can be raw but not technically vegan) or maple syrup (not raw, but vegan). So in effect, I have a nice spicy lemonade to start the day. If any of you are familiar with the master cleanse drink, this is the same one. Drink it all the time, why not? It tastes good and is SOOO good for you.

I will then go to the gym and do an hour on the treadmill while I watch some National Geographic or Discovery Channel. After the hour is done, I will go home and have my breakfast, or just eat it right at the gym. This is easy to do because for breakfast I just have fresh fruit. Lately it has been grapefruits (usually 2 large or 3 small). Tomorrow I plan on having 1/2 of a large papaya that I purchased from Trader Joe's. So lets say its about 9am right now.

Around 1pm, I will have my super smoothie. This includes the water base, or sometimes fresh orange juice or a coconut water base. To this I will add some pumpkin seeds, some hemp seeds, coconut oil, raw cacao (raw chocolate beans), a banana or two dates for sweetness, goji berries, maca root powder, and some kind of green superfood powder like blue-green algae or spirulina. This gives me a thick creamy smoothie that supplies my fat intake for the day, but keeps me energized well into the early evening. Sometimes I will pour the smoothie into a bowl and then throw in more nuts and berries for texture and eat it with a spoon.

In the evening, I will usually have a salad of mixed greens or arugula. If I want a savory salad, I will add onions, celery, sundried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, kalamata olives, and for a dressing olive oil and lemon juice. If I want a sweet salad, I will do spinach or mixed greens with walnuts, or pecans, apples or pears, and raisins or cranberries. You can also add in shaved carrots or beets for extra color and texture, and sprouts go well with either style of salad. Always be sure to throw in neutral low sugar fruits like cucumbers too. I make it big, so it takes me about 20 min to eat it.

If I am still hungry later on, I will have some fruit, usually an apple or a grapefruit. Sometimes dried figs are nice too. Around 9pm I will go to the gym, and do weight training for an hour. This gives me enough time to focus on three body parts per night. After that, I will do another hour on the treadmill while I watch the Daily Show on Comedy Central and then something on the Home and Garden Network. Ive made myself a promise that I will keep all of my TV watching confined to the gym only. This way I am still active while I am either learning something (Discovery Channel and National Geographic) or being entertained as well (The Daily Show). I will always drink another 32-64 oz of water at the gym during this period, and usually only have to wake up once in the night to use the restroom. And when the body and mind become so clean because of the diet and exercise, you are usually able to fall back to sleep literally within seconds.

I always try to get some wheatgrass juice in along with cucumber juice sometime during the day. It depends on when I have the time to make it. Lately its been right in the morning, but sometimes its later at night. Fresh wheatgrass juice taken consistently can bring you to a whole new level. Ive done the raw vegan diet with green juice and without, and I can assure you that the mental clarity and energy are far superior if the green juice is included.

I like to round out the evening with some language lessons on the ipod while I stretch in my bedroom, and then I am in bed by 1 or 2 hopefully.

See? Not really difficult. And the more you focus on how difficult and impossible it will be for you, so it shall be. You create your reality. For me, this diet has become second nature, and now that I have it wired down, I give it very little thought. When guests come over, I like to make more complex dishes like the raw lasagna pictured above, but usually its just a salad or even a green smoothie in the evening. Lets not make life more complicated than it has to be. I would love to invite people over and just sit around and drink smoothies, but for some reason it lets people down. Like...where's the rest? That's what they are used to.

Above all, consistency is the name of the game. Do this for two weeks and you will experience some serious changes. But one or two days of low activity and poor eating will bring you back down rather quickly. There is a fine line between true health and vibrancy, and just mezzo-health. This mezzo-health is both an absence of discomfort, but the body and mind are not anywhere as fit as they could be. This is your it as you would a brand new car. It is yours, and the only one you have, so love it and give it nothing but the best. We have that option the click of a mouse we can have the BEST FOOD EVER from around the world delivered to us. Take advantage of this technology.

Im still on Las Vegas time, so despite it being 2am, I am wide awake. I read recently that humans are genetically disposed to take 1-2 hour naps during the mid-day, so I am going to try to fit that into my schedule whenever possible. I have been sleeping about 4-5 hours a night lately, so maybe I can trim it down to an even 4hrs and then do the 1hr nap. If you can, experiment with this and let me know how it goes for you.

Best of luck, and with love all-ways



Anonymous said...

Anthony; You are sooo wise! Thank You for Your daily share of true wisdom!
Love and peace from Sweden!

Anonymous said...

What do you do about "hunger pains" I noticed that I try this and I just feel like eating all the time

Anthony said...

WOW! This is an old post!!!

Drink water or eat some fat like avocado. Your stomach will readjust in might be used to being stretched out a bunch like mine was. It should be the size of your fist.

Fill up on water!


D said...

This post is super old - but i'm suddenly inspired to work out like CRAZY!

I usually like to do cardio after sleeping or weight training because all the carb/glucose stores are low and the cardio energy is taken right from fat - is that the same for you?

Also, do you do 3 hours 7 days/week!?