Monday, January 23, 2012

Cape Town part 02

The beaches here are really great...massive boulders abound.
Its a little too developed for my taste, but they did it
pretty well and its probably the prettiest beaches
Ive seen with houses nearby...if you could call those "houses" haha.

Thank goodness for Woolworths...
They are one of the few places offering clean food.
I often go there everyday just for fun.
I'll usually eat one bag of this per day...
which isnt actually all that much, but greens are great.

Anyone recognize these?
AKA Incan Berries? 
Touted as a major superfood in the states and Europe,
they grow everywhere here and are basically just a sweet 
version of the tomatillo. I love them...I eat these with my yogurt.
R17.99 is about $2.50 - works for me! 

And yes...the good grass fed dairy. This chunk of goodness
cost me about $3...dairy is gotta go for quality or
otherwise you should really just skip it. Too many questions marks.

I even harvested my own seaweeds and mussels on the beach the other
day and incorporated them into my scrambled eggs.
What would that go for at a restaurant? 
Being involved in the harvesting and then preparation
and finally the enjoyment of eating really all makes 
it come full circle. I wonder if other people would even dream
of eating the seaweeds that cover these (very clean) beaches.
There is kelp EVERYWHERE.
When I see it for sale in the shops back home after this
I'll remember how people pile it up here and have it taken away lol... different. Im telling you though...the people here could
really use those sea veggies...its a grain-potato based diet for sure,
and besides the young people, you don't see too many fit people.

I try to go to the beach at least 3 times a week..often walking home
past guava trees and busy restaurants.
I see everyone eating in the restaurants and it makes me kind of bummed out.
I don't like eating out alone...honestly Id rather just make it myself.
But when you see people eating out and having fun it definitely
does look appealing...Ive made friends here but its different.

Maybe im embellishing it all in my head.
Perhaps a wild-food meal at home while watching discovery channel is 
in fact a richer experience...maybe they both have their upsides.

I recently found a garden that Grow Paradise will be able
to help as well...they are a group of people living on the land
in the suburbs in abandoned buildings...they are technically squatters
but they have been there for so many years. They want to garden but
the willpower has been lacking. There are olive trees and fig trees there,
so Im thinking about putting in passionfruits, more figs, and whatever else
is more native or at least drought tolerant. Thats the beauty of the trees,
they grow so much easier than tender veggies. 
People think they have black thumbs when it comes to gardening,
but the fact is that they are growing very temperamental plants!!

More to come....