Monday, January 16, 2012

Cape Town...Part 01

Cape Town is really a fun city...Im enjoying every single day here.

 The Sunsets are amazing...and the beaches are absolutely 
loaded with much kelp and seashells.
The seashells actually replace the sand. It goes to show what
nature can really do if humans let her.

Just a little exercise update. 
I've been staying at home each night after sunset
to make dinner and then work out.
I watch National Geographic, The Discovery Channel,
BBC, and The Home Channel 
(Some South African Version of HGTV)
and work do push ups and sit ups.

I havent been going out to eat much. 
I mostly cook at home.
What have I been eating? 
Biodynamic Yogurt, Sardines,
Avocadoes, Cape Gooseberries, Kerrygold butter,
and nori sheets I brought from home.
There are lots of good places to get groceries though.
Its a very low sugar diet - and it WORKS.
Ive had very little fruit, and honestly I just dont want much
of it besides the occasional mango or papaya.

For Groceries, my favorite is "The Wellness Warehouse".
If you are ever in Cape Town...GO THERE.

This is Camps Bay...its LOVELY.
The 12 Apostles are the names for the peaks
behind the beach...I can only imagine all the good springs up there.

White Hibiscus! So pretty. Perfection really.

This is on the way to Camps Bay...Lots of people out at the beach
on a Sunday but what a view! I walked at least 5 miles and every
second had good scenery. 

This is the yogurt Ive been living off of!
I mix it with Cape Gooseberries (Inca Berries)
and its just great. 

And its biodynamic! Jersey Milk better.
And since its fermented, no lactose! 
Perfect food...really. After years of vegan, I wish I would have
been open to this much earlier.

And check out this find!!! My friend Sephira gave this to me!
AMAZING! Probably the coolest wild food product Ive seen.

Im looking for more and will definitely bring some back for friends!!!

Much more to would like Cape Town for sure...
it feels safe, its pretty, and the people are nice.

There are still remnants of racism here in a way...mostly just class based now.
Too much poverty leads to people putting up electric fences all over their property.

If the leaders and citizens only realized that we must ALL be abundant.
If only one group is, that is just as bad for them as the group facing lack.

We must all together Grow Paradise here...then there will be no need for locked
doors and closed hearts...2012 is the year to make this happen.

Up next - Boulders Beach - Wild Penguins and Wild Goji Berries!!!