Friday, January 28, 2011

The Gift Economy

All of this Whole Food bending-over-to-GMO talk inspired me on this,
as well as the general path our lives have been traveling on this past year.

My mission has always aimed towards promoting self-reliance.
5 years ago when I was drawing "ideas" the food forest in Minnesota,
I was NO WHERE NEAR the concepts that Ive been blessed to come across
in the past few months. Things are getting better SO much faster:
-Ideas (and REALLY good ideas) are spreading at a faster rate than EVER,
-We have access to the best possible foods and resources to free ourselves,
-AND we have the opportunities to make real connections with
like-minded souls from across the planet. Some will manifest physically,
and others will stay on the computer and possibly have an even larger
effect on our overall lifestyles...who knows? Its all opening up.

Im envisioning a life where most (very likely ALL) of the things we need
will be of our own, and our community's (local and online) love and giving.

Picture yourself in your ideal paradise garden - it can be anywhere
on the planet that you desire...tropical, pine forest, your heart's desire...

Food and life flourishing EVERYWHERE. Birds and insects buzzing about.
You see your kids filling up their drinking jugs with crystal clear water
from the storage tanks you happily bought in still rains regularly
again and youve never gone under 50%, but you're always so thankful its there.

All your food comes from your space or the nearby areas...friends still
mail things to your home and you do the same.
You received 50lbs of almonds last fall from your friend in California
and still have well over 60% left.
She uses your dried persimmon fruit-rolls to reward her kids for
scooping up goat poop for the compost pile.
Its the smell of pee that bothers them more than anything.

No more grocery stores? This is happening for people NOW.
They will go to farmer's markets and buy insanely nutritious
foods DIRECTLY from the person that fostered it's growth.
They will collect water from SPRINGS,
They will become a part of the ecosystem again and wild-forage.
They will grow so much that when they ferment, can, and put the
rest in the root cellar, they will have enough food for the next 5 months.

This is happening now. The gift bartering, but with more love :)
Produce and forage as much as you can (while still ENJOYING IT),
get whatever else from farmer's markets, good online products,
and bartering with love. Your heart should be smiling when you do it. :D

Do we REALLY need to go to grocery stores anymore on a regular basis?
Is the common grocery store becoming obsolete
in this new economy and consciousness?
More and more people are floating away from ANY grocery store and buying
everything they need either online or at farmer's markets.
How...wonderful??? I think so.