Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My apologies...

Been away far too long, and Ill explain why later on.
A sudden death in the family has rocked everyone here at Blackbird
and we are trying to make sense of the situation we now find ourselves in.

But above all...more clarity and purpose has shown through.
Growing our food is no longer a hobby but a necessity.

Here is a message from Max, a brother who has been inspired
to take Replanting Paradise into his own hands...

"I just want to let you know that you are living the vision which I am manifesting.
I realized from from the little teaser video that a lot of what drove you
in this direction is the same as what is driving me. I too have decided to fold on the
deck which is based on fear and frustration with the government, and to come at this from love.
I'm going to study permaculture and live on an eco village for 5 months in less than a month,
and I am really excited to come back with a wealth of knowledge to create an extension to this paradise.

How did you come into the knowledge yourself?
How did you decide where to get land, how to structure everything, etc?
It seems like you've been planning things out and doing so much yourself.
I'm really in awe and inspired.
I know we have lots of mutual friends,
and I look forward to the day we get to chat in person.

All blessing and love to you."

And 6 months later....

"Anthony! I wanted to give you an update.

I have a little over a month left of the permaculture course now.
The past few days have climaxed into this magnitude of realization of how much I learned...
the whole coming full circle thing...and it happened with two day intensives about food forests.
We watched the Geoff Lawton videos, and my mind has been blown out to new
proportions of what is possible. THEN I revisited your videos and realized how much you know.
I'm really amazed by everything that you're doing...
you've been touched by the light of knowledge and life.

When I get back to NY in mid-February, it looks likely that I will be able to take over a small suburban house property and start experimenting with a mini-scale food forest.
(I need time to figure out where I want to buy land for a bigger one,
but I want to get started right now!!).

Seeing what you're doing -even in colder weather-
gives me the strength of mind to know I can do it.

Thank you. Again & again."

Here is the reason why we must always aim for paradise.
No matter what happens in LIFE, our utmost goal on
the planet should be Paradise Restoration.