Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mount Shasta Samples Loaded with Aluminum

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Samples were 61 times the toxic level.
On pristine Mt Shasta.
No explanation from the authorities...a big mystery.

Maybe it would be the constant spraying of
chemtrails (that contain aluminum)!!

Check out the reply from the post on the bottom -

Every time I look up at the sky and see the blatant violation taking place right in front of our own eyes I wonder how so many people can not know that it is happening. Rarely is there a day that goes by where there are no jets in the sky spewing their poison on us. If people would just take the time to observe it they would be shocked to find out that this has been going on for years with no media coverage or public outrage. A great example of how the media is completely controlled by a higher power and how the public has been programmed to conform to the status quo to avoid the consequences of being ridiculed and labeled with terms such as 'conspiracy theorist' or 'nut job' or 'tin foil hat brigade'. The debunkers that have been deployed to cover up this crime on society want you to believe that what you are seeing is nothing more than normal contrails consisting of water vapor and ice crystals and that this is the way that it has always been, even if your memory tells you differently. The problem with this explanation is that when a jet leaves a normal contrail, which only happens when the conditions are right, the contrail will disipate after a short period of time. What we are seeing now are trails that form under warm and dry conditions which are not favorable to contrail formation. In addition, not only do the trails not dissipate but they continue to spread out across the sky merging together until the entire once blue sky has been blanketed with the stuff and slowly decends downward well below altitude, temperature and humidity levels required for a water vapor trail to remain persistent, yet alone even exist! So, if the spikes of contaminates to our water supply are such a mystery to anyone, I suggest doing some investigation into the ongoing spray operation that is taking place right in front of your face. Chemtrails are a reality. You can remain ignorant and apethetic in fear of stepping outside of the status quo or you can accept reality and inform people of this crime against mother earth and all humanity that is taking place on a global scale. You will be amazed at the number of people that choose to ignore it because they are afraid to step outside of their comfort zone and accept the harsh reality that they are being sprayed like insects by the very people that they trust to protect them. Most people react just as they have been programmed to by calling you a nut job and a conspiracy theorist without ever having spent 5 minutes examining the facts. This response and attitude is no accident. It is part of a preconditioning process that has been taking place for a long time in order to allow things like this toxic spraying operation to take place right in front of our faces without the consequences public resistance. After all, no one wants to believe that something so horrible could be taking place on such a large scale, therefore, they choose to believe what would be accepted by the 'norm' rather than be associated with those that the 'norm' has labeled as a conspiracy theorist and part of the tin foil hat brigade who they laugh at and ridicule. For those that choose not to be ignorant and want to find out more, a good place to start would be or if your brain can handle it, another site that is loaded with disturbing facts, Be careful when surfing for information. There are a number of websites full of info that are actually part of the coverup in disguise. Then there are also the obvious 'debunking' websites that blatantly deny any existence of any kind of chemtrail while attacking the integrity of anyone that dares to even mention it.
Stay informed and keep lookin up.


It just keeps adding up.
Tell your friends...tell your family.
These assholes are soaking our soils with aluminum.