Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blackbird's Commitment to S.H.E.

Blackbird's "Triple Top Line"
Living Artfully in the 21st Century

Blackbird's profits go towards rebuilding Paradise on Earth.
To date, we have contributed 100% of our profits to building
two Edible Food Forests and two organic/biodynamic gardens.

It is important to note that these profits must be "good" profits. That means that they are derived by values. Values that form the basis of every single business decision. Great and Small. They become the prism by which the company operates as well as expresses what it stands for. For Blackbird, these values are expressed by our "triple top line", a commitment to "S.H.E." (Social, Health, and Environmental) responsibility. While these considerations initially add further costs, in reality profits end up taking care of themselves. In turn, when some of those "good" profits are used to further other projects that the company and its founders believe in, then that creates an exponential value to society and the greater good. And THAT is a miracle.

We are truly excited to shape Blackbird Naturals as an inspiration and catalyst to transform how business is done, and expressing our personal passion - living artfully in the 21st century!